Abbey Walk RadiO combo

The weather gods shone on us at Abbey Walk and so did the sun. A magnificent afternoon for strolling or running through the creeklands and surrounding streets.

With the five fox-or controls each worth 15 points the main incentive was to find them and perhaps pick up a few low value plate controls on the way. Most RadiO enthusiasts did just that and returned within the 75min time limit to enjoy the “CakeO” refreshments at the Finish.

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon

9 July 2016 – Abbey Walk RadiO CombO Results
1 Ian Dodd 145
2 Mark Besley 117
3 Darian Panter 100
4 Jim Glaspole 92
5 Neale Banks 75
6 Monica Lopresti 75
1 Pierre Brokner 95
2 Adam Scammell 85
3 Beard family 69
4 Henk de Jong 67
5 Dianne Shalders 67

Mike Hubbert

Valley Reserve report

It was a lovely day to test your foxoring skills in some urban parkland and 11 competitors turned out for the event at Valley Reserve on Saturday 7 May.

The competition for both the Radi-O combo and the straight Radi-O courses was tight. Kris Ruuska and Ian Dodd were neck and neck for the Radi-O combo. Ian won out on points, when Kris was a couple of minutes late and lost his lead on penalties. Jenelle Templeton went out to collect all 5 foxors in the Radi-O event and came back first followed shortly by Greg Williams and Dennis Haustorfer.

Thanks to all for your help and yummy eaties afterwards!




Ian Dodd 8 15 16 25 50 3:01:59 114
Kris Ruuska 8 12 20 25 50 3:06:40 -6 109
Mark Besley 2 9 12 25 50 2:58:52 98
Ewen Templeton 12 8 25 50 3:02:05 95
Pierre Brokner 2 9 4 15 50 2:45:52 80
Jack Bramham 2 9 4 15 50 2:46:50 80
Keith Anker 2 15 40 3:05:00 57
Jenelle Templeton 50 2:47:30 50
Greg Williams 50 2:49:00 50
Dennis Haustorfer 50 2:50:48 50
Dianne Shalders 30 2:47:50 30


Did you attend the event? Take 5 mins to give us your feedback.

Darebin Park Radi-O event

Sunday 10 April 2016

Darebin Park is surprisingly wild and rocky and Jack Bramham took advantage of its features to set an interesting combination course: a hageby with 2 orienteering loops (1 easy and 1 more difficult); and 1 loop of foxors.

The fine weather drew a mixed group of 29 orienteers and amateur radio foxhunters to test their skills in Darebin Park.

Thanks to Jack for his thoughtful course-setting that provided simple courses for novices and some challenges for the more advanced (and for making sure all the controls were on the map!). And to Di Shalders for organising the administration and the sausage and rissole sizzle afterwards.

SUNDAY 10 APRIL 2016  
Kris Ruuska 11 17 28
Andreas Strasser 15 19 34
Mark Toomey 16 18 34
Don Fell 17 20 37
Helen Walpole 17 26 43
Denise Pike 16 36 52
Ian Mathieson 21 31 52
Dennis Mews 27 25 52
Peter Grover 24 30 54
Murray Hanna 29 28 57
Pat Mews 22 39 61
Suzanne O’Callaghan 41
Ewen Templeton 43
Paul Main 27 20 47
Rosie and Mike Salvaris 21 32 53
Jeremy Neale 25 28 53
Mike Hubbert 29 32 61
Des Gregory 28 41 69
Jeanette Finegan 28 41 69
Jackie Dempster 31 62 93
John Dempster 31 62 93
Henk de Jong 34
Jun Okabe 39
Ross Friedman 41 68 109
Kris Ruuska 5 13
Ewen Templeton 5 20
Dianne Shalders 5 34
Henk de Jong 5 34
Jeremy Neale 5 37
Suzanne O’Callaghan 5 40
David Curetan 5 45
Dennis Haustorfer 5 45
Ian Mathieson 5 47
Mike Hubbert 5 57
Denise Pike & Peter Grover 4 32
Jenelle Templeton 4 34
Jun Okabe 4 48

80m ARDF Yarra Band

Had a field of 6 competitors for the 80M Ardf at Yarra Bend on Sun 2 Aug 2015
The early weather reports were looking like rain, but it managed to hold off until everyone had gone home and all the controls were picked up.
My attempts to make control number 1 and 2 quick and easy, seemed to fall off the rails , with everyone reporting a strong signal from above the road SE (and out of bounds).
Followed by a correction to NE once people got to the road. (Many competitors did this control last)
Intermittent transmission of control 4 also caused a bit of confusion.
I had hoped 5 would be more difficult for the advanced runners, but most people seemed to take it in their stride, getting a good bearing from 3 and running down a geographically constrained area past the control.
1  Bruce     Paterson       1:06:57    1-2-3-5-4
2  Ian    Dodd            1:11:11    1-4-3-5-2
3  Greg    Williams    1:37:58    1-5-3-4-2
4  Jenelle   Templeton    1:27:37    1-2-3-5
5  Peter     Maloney    1:00:13    3
6  Suzanne O’Callaghan 1:01:10    1
As for the Mystery, pin the tail on the donkey event, several people had difficulty hearing this control, and when collecting controls I had found that most of the extendable sections of squid pole, (used to hang the antenna wire) had telescoped, giving very poor radiation. It was fully extended at 7AM, with a little extra force applied to each section, but somewhere along the way, it collapsed.
Bruce was the first on this event, and reported that the antenna may have fallen down during his run, about 12:30, with an unexplained drop in power.
Bruce and Jenelle were equal first, with Ian coming 3rd.
Hamish McDonald

Woodlands Radi-O event results

The sun came out for our frolic with sniffers through Woodlands Historic Park on Sunday 5 July 2015.
It was a combo course with bush-o controls and foxors.

Some very good scores in a competitive group. I won’t name names – you can see for yourself below!
While others went out to enjoy themselves or just to do the foxors. We hope you had a good time.
And welcome to Andrew, who set off with a sniffer to learn how it works and came back with all 6 Radi-O controls.

Thanks to the people who helped organise the equipment, set up the ARDF tent and integrate the Radi-O event with the Melbush-O so smoothly! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Suzanne O’Callaghan, course-setter

Christine Raviart 1:29:19 330 210 120
Peter Maloney 1:31:25 304 190 120 6
Paul Main 1:19:35 280 160 120
Jenelle Templeton 1:19:34 270 150 120
Jack Bramham 1:31:32 264 150 120 6
Mark Besley 1:17:08 240 160 80
Doug Canning 1:38:57 253 160 120 27
Kristian Ruuska 0:52:27 330 210 120
Bruce Paterson 0:59:59 330 210 120
Ian Dodd 1:00:39 317 200 120 3
Grant Jeffrey 0:50:00 130 10 120
Keith Anker 1:17:17 114 90 60 36
Andrew Rowan 120 120

Vic Champs 2015 Report

Report – 2015 Victorian ARDF Championships

Dale Creek (Near Greendale), Wombat State Forest.

20th June 2015

Where is Greendale and what is the orienteering map?

A call to the Sheahans put me onto Lindsay Thomas of Tuckonie Orienteering Club. He searched his map archives and only found a scanned PDF, then E-mailed the Sunleys (now in Canberra) and Julie sent soft copies. In business! Off to the site to tape some control locations. It’s steep and thick in the gullies so I decide not to make it too serious. Charged and checked the transmitters, No. 4 did not work. Too late to obtain the spare, so the course was re-arranged to suit four transmitters.

At the Start


On the day it was cold, cloudy and there was drizzle early on. Put out No 5 with assistance from a visiting ham from NSW (sorry, forgot the name and call) who was seeing how we do things. Returned to the start and some had arrived early, so left them to register while I put out the remaining three transmitters on foot. On my return Bruce had obviously heard the four going and got things started. It was interesting to see which way many went from the start and this was an indication of what was to happen out on the course. Basically reflections ruled the day and all competitors traveled significant distances chasing the imaginary!

See where they went on RouteGadget.

In short it was extremely challenging, more than intended… Well, they all seemed to have fun. Dianne and Henk had the best walk after losing concentration on the way back and going the wrong way down one of the many tracks!

Bruce just winning by a small time margin from Kristian. Apologies for not clarifying a time limit. After Tx pickup it was off to the Greendale pub!

Grant Jeffrey VK3KGM

TX #5, Way down south



Name Start Finish Duration CPs
Bruce Paterson



1h 29min 1,2,3,5.
Kristian Ruuska



1h 34min 1,2,3,5.
Greg Williams



1h 32min 1,2,3.
Doug Canning



2h 4min 2,3.
Ewen Templeton



2h 25min 2,3,5.
Jenelle Templeton



1h 36min none
Jack Bramham



1h 50min none
Dianne Shalders



Very long 1,2,3.
Henk DeJong



Time! 1,2,3.

Emerald Lake Event Report

Emerald Map

On a cold wet miserable day a few hardy souls braved the weather and competed in the event. Five ARDF Tx’s and six 80m fox-ors were distributed around the park. Competitors could compete in one or more of the events on offer: ie bush orienteering (several courses), ARDF and fox-or.

Three people undertook the ARDF and results as follows:

Kristian R: 5 Tx’s 32m (also did an orienteering course)
Mark B: 5 Tx’s 91m
Jack B: 5 Tx’s 135m

No one did the fox-or course but 6 of the orienteers had a go at finding the close in control (30-40m away) the teenage girls thought it was cool, haven’t convinced Vic S but others might have a go in future. I don’t think they are as intimidated with 80m sniffers as the 2 m ones. Dianne and Kristian did each find two 80m fox-ors when picking up the equipment.

Thanks to Dianne for getting up at an unearthly hour to help put out the Tx’s.

Map attached.

Lilydale Heights Radio Combo

Sat, 23 May, 2015

Great weather and an interesting area. Ten people competed in the “Radio Combo” event. Well done to Bruce and Kris who got all the orienteering controls and all the FoxOrs. Unfortunately Kris started a couple of minutes late, otherwise the finish might have been neck and neck. As it was, Bruce finished first by a comfortable margin.

Further down the field, there were some very close scores. Judging from the feedback, I think that everyone had a good time.

Name2 pt3 pt4 pt5 ptFoxOrTotalArrival
Bruce Paterson555551201
Kris Ruuska555551202
Ian Dodd554551165
Ewen Templeton244551076
Pierre Brokner33315828
Henk De Jong23315807
Dianne Shalders13244794
Jenelle Templeton13334783
Jack Bramham23115729
Keith Anker121145710

Night RadiO Report

Sat, 22 November, 2014

Well the Night-RadiO was an unexpected success.

It wasn’t officially on our event calender till recently, but without the healthy number of 10 RadiO competitors, the Night-O champs would have looked a bit lean, with only 25 Bush-O-only competitors (including two visiting Czech competitors who turned up very late).

The weather presented mild temperatures, but with periodic rain showers, and a particularly heavy shower just before the 12 midnight deadline. This caught a couple of competitors out, and Dennis, who could no longer read his map, made a call back to base for directions home !

The RadiO event consisted of 4 2m ARDF transmitters on 145.3MHz, and 6 2m FoxOrs on 145.7Mhz. The FoxOr circles were not marked on the map, except the competitors were alerted that at 6 of the normal Bush-O controls, a FoxOr could be heard. I just didn’t say which 6 !

There were 33 Bush-O controls, but I wasn’t cruel, and all but one of the FoxOrs were near Bush-O controls near the start, many inside the ARDF 750m exclusion circle.

The Bush-O controls scored between 20 and 80 points each in the 3 hour score event, the FoxOrs 100 points each, and each ARDF Tx 150 points.

The time was 3 hours, and started on-time at 9pm.

Originally I had intended there to be 5 of each ARDF and FoxOrs, but unfortunately the battery in TX#4 was terminally dead. I deduced this was due to a key-switch which had become loose, and therefore the TX possibly wasn’t turned off after an event sometime. All fixed now, but a lot of stuffing about on the night to determine it was not gonna be a goer. I also had issues with the internally soldered connections in the TX#2 turnstile antenna, but was able to make a temporary repair for the night. Also fixed now. Due to the lack of one of the ARDF’s I added in another FoxOr.

Thanks to all those who went out again after midnight to pick up a couple of RadiO controls each !

Thanks also to Henk & Di for the lunch on Sunday of pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup. Yum !

Here are the results:

The RadiO results are under Junior Male for some weirdo Eventor reason (might even be changed to RadiO by the time you view them).

Congrats to Kristian, the winner of the chocolate bar, even beating Simon’s Bush-O score (but then, the RadiO scoring was a bit biassed!). Also specials mentions to Grant and Mark taking out the minor placings with commendable scores. It was interesting to note the different score gathering strategies, with different balances of the 3 options (ARDF, FoxOr and the higher-scoring Bush-O’s).

People seemed to enjoy the event format, despite the plethora of things to do and keep in mind. Discussions afterwards indicated it was really good practice for keeping map contact, or relocating again if you lost it, as you had to know where you were to find the Bush-O controls. This is a good idea for ARDF, allowing your bearings to have an accurate start point. In normal ARDF you can normally muddle through if you don’t keep map contact, but this event didn’t allow you to do that (too much….).

Oh, and the two Czech competitors who went out to try some Night-O (with borrowed head-light and southern hemisphere compasses) ? They knew all about Radio orienteering of course. “There are a whole group of them in the next town over from where we live; they often participate in normal orienteering events with us too”.

Note for next night event … get some more reflective tape to replace the missing strips.

Wattle Park RadiO CombO – Sunday 7th September 2014

Father’s Day 2014 dawned crisp and blue and sunny, with not a breath of wind and not a cloud in the sky. On any other day, we would have anticipated a huge turnout, particularly as Wattle Park is in a prime location in the Eastern Suburbs, but given it was Father’s Day with all those associated family commitments, we weren’t really expecting large numbers.

Well. Were we mistaken. As the last competitor (Peter Maloney) showed up just before midday and got handed a non-cardboard score card and sprint course hastily hand-drawn on a blank map, we looked down at our attendance sheet and noticed that we’d had more than 50 competitors (some with families) turn up!

Luckily it was just the one map and control card that we were short, and Peter is a regular ARDF competitor so took it all in his stride.

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves – certainly all the kids were smiling, and there weren’t too many grumbles (that the course setters heard, anyway) about control placement, which is always a relief when you’re setting multiple loops. Also all the equipment behaved and no transmitters were stolen, so basically, I’d call this a successful day.

Thanks to Geoff for the use of his maps, to Pierre, for co-setting and running this one and putting out transmitters with me this morning, and also to my long-suffering partner David who programmed up and battery-checked all the Fox-Ors and helped me put out plate controls on Saturday evening. Also to Fitzel, because he has fleas.

OK. Enough waffle. Here are some results.

Sprint Loop

This was a short (about 2.2km straight line distance) line course set in the eastern end of Wattle Park. Ian Dodd pointed out that there was an easy cheat’s way to shorten one’s distance on this one, given we weren’t using SI controls. In my naivete, I didn’t even think that this would be a problem, and I’d like to think that given the relaxed nature of the day and the cheerfulness of the competitors, this didn’t happen.

Name Start Finish Time
Tim Hatley 11:08:30 11:23:30 0:15:00
Stephen Bird 10:16:20 10:31:30 0:15:10
Kristian Ruuska 10:25:05 10:43:20 0:18:15
Orry Thomas 10:25:05 10:43:20 0:18:15
Ian Dodd 12:25:30 12:44:15 0:18:45
Peter Maloney 12:43:45 13:04:20 0:20:35
Geoff Armstrong 10:34:10 10:54:50 0:20:40
Peter Grover 11:17 11:39:24 0:22:24
Deb Sutherland 11:16 11:38:30 0:22:30
Greg Tamblyn 11:15:30 11:39:35 0:24:05
Mark Besley 11:55:38 12:21:19 0:25:41
Dennis Mews 10:35:45 11:01:50 0:26:05
Pat Mews 10:36:45 11:04:10 0:27:25
Merv Bendle 10:53:45 11:21:20 0:27:35
John Sheahan 12:00 12:28:30 0:28:30
Debbie Dodd 11:57 12:25:45 0:28:45
Janet Johnson 10:39:30 11:09:08 0:29:38
Lara Bell 12:55:00 13:25:30 0:30:30
Pam Braithwaite 10:49:30 11:20:45 0:31:15
Bernadette Murray 10:00 10:33 0:33:00
Denise Pike 10:50:40 11:23:50 0:33:10
Pat Miller 11:11:20 11:45 0:33:40
Lauris Stirling 10:33 11:07:20 0:34:20
Andrew Francis 10:17:45 10:55:55 0:38:10
Liz Hatley 10:39 11:18 0:39:00
Kevin Maloney 10:12 10:55:15 0:43:15
Suzanne O’Callaghan 11:49:15 12:33:20 0:44:05
Rosie Salvaris 10:00:45 10:47 0:46:15
Des Gregory 10:00:45 10:47 0:46:15
Mike Hubbert 9:35:00 10:23 0:48:00
Alan Miller 11:01:30 11:50 0:48:30
Adams Family 11:25:15 12:14:15 0:49:00
Zoe Davies + Family 10:24:30 11:15:55 0:51:25
Amber Lecluyse + Family 10:24:30 11:44:30 1:20:00
Burr Family 10:24:45 11:45 1:20:15
Ardern Family 10:24:30 11:45 1:20:30
McGill Family 10:24:24 11:45 1:20:36
Thomas Pritchett + Family 10:24:30 11:45:55 1:21:25
Chris Jeffries 10:40 12:01:40 1:21:40

Scatter Loop

We used the usual Wattle Park street map for this loop, scaled it down to be the same as the sprint map and hacked off a small corner to create a scatter course which was not too long. It’s surprisingly difficult to create interesting, short scatter courses! Hope we succeeded. Competitors had the choice of doing all 12 controls for a distance that I measured at 3.3km, or 6 out of the 12 controls for a distance of about 2km.

Name # Controls Start Finish Time
Tim Hatley 12 10:51:25 11:08:15 0:16:50
Ian Dodd 12 12:44:30 13:05:00 0:20:30
Kristian Ruuska 12 11:00:40 11:22:45 0:22:05
Orry Thomas 12 11:00:40 11:22:45 0:22:05
Geoff Armstrong 12 11:02:20 11:24:50 0:22:30
Denise Pike 12 11:41:30 12:07:10 0:25:40
Deb Sutherland 12 10:33:50 10:59:30 0:25:40
Greg Tamblyn 12 11:55:30 12:21:55 0:26:25
Pam Braithwaite 12 11:25 11:52:32 0:27:32
Pat Mews 12 11:20:40 11:48:40 0:28:00
Dennis Mews 12 11:19:40 11:48:40 0:29:00
Janet Johnson 12 11:12:50 11:42:30 0:29:40
Mark Besley 12 10:51:45 11:22:25 0:30:40
Bernadette Murray 12 10:35:30 11:06:50 0:31:20
Peter Maloney 12 13:35:00 14:07 0:32:00
Lauris Stirling 12 11:12 11:45:15 0:33:15
Geoff Adams 12 12:15:05 12:49 0:33:55
Andrew Francis 12 11:00 11:35:20 0:35:20
Christine Parker and Peter Berry 12 10:32:05 11:09:05 0:37:00
Sandy Burgoyne 12 10:27:30 11:05:40 0:38:10
Murray Hanna 12 9:55:30 10:35:10 0:39:40
Ian Stirling 12 10:30:15 11:11:40 0:41:25
Pat Miller 12 10:12:45 10:57:15 0:44:30
Liz Hatley 12 9:51 10:36:20 0:45:20
Ian Baker 12 10:38 11:23:50 0:45:50
Dorothy Adams 12 11:15:30 12:04 0:48:30
Alan Miller 12 10:12:45 11:06 0:53:15
Gray Family 12 10:23 11:30:40 1:07:40
Peter Grover 6 10:52:45 11:09 0:16:15
Debbie Dodd 6 11:34:20 11:51:25 0:17:05
Stephen Bird 6 10:39:45 10:57 0:17:15
Merv Bendle 6 11:26:30 11:45 0:18:30
Henk de Jong 6 10:11:15 10:40:50 0:29:35
Dianne Shalders 6 10:11:15 10:40:50 0:29:35
Mike Hubbert 6 10:25 10:59 0:34:00
Julie Wood 6 10:23:35 11:05:10 0:41:35

Fox-Or Loop

The Fox-Or loop took in the western part of the park, with all those lovely hills. Straight line distance for the lot was about 1.7km. It was predominantly our regulars who tried this loop, but we roped in a few newcomers as well. Congratulations to Deb for finding her chosen 3 transmitters, and to Sandy who said she’d give it a try, and came back in good time with all Txs under her belt!

Name # Txs Start Finish Time
Tim Hatley 6 10:37:20 10:51 0:13:40
Kristian Ruuska 6 10:44:30 10:59 0:15:00
Orry Thomas 6 10:44:30 10:59 0:15:00
Ian Dodd 6 11:28 11:46 0:18:00
Peter Maloney 6 13:06 13:25:00 0:19:00
Suzanne O’Callaghan 6 11:25 11:45 0:20:00
Mark Besley 6 10:30 10:50:50 0:20:50
Greg Tamblyn 6 9:57:10 10:20:15 0:23:05
Henk de Jong 6 10:49:30 11:21 0:31:30
Dianne Shalders 6 10:49:30 11:21 0:31:30
Lara Bell and Paul Elliott 6 11:25 11:59 0:34:00
Mike Hubbert 6 11:00:20 11:36:20 0:36:00
Sandy Burgoyne 6 11:21 12:05:10 0:44:10
Debbie Dodd 3 12:29:15 12:47:15 0:18:00


In a park as small and open as this one, we weren’t able to have the flags as visible as we would have liked, but despite this, the only complaint we got was that the flags did not match the Tx numbers. Whoops… Yes, we did notice this as we were putting them out. But then we decided we couldn’t be bothered going back and changing the flags over. (Come on, early on a Sunday morning…)

We saw a bit of a change in the results for this leg; where previously speedsters Tim and Ian were vying for winning places, in this leg our more experienced ARDFers demanded a bite of the action. Congratulations to Kristian for winning this loop (despite the dodgy flag numbering), although it was a bit mean of you to give your mate Orry the slip so close to the end! Particular credit, also, to David and Peter who, despite walking, found all five controls with minimal fuss, and only a couple of minutes more slowly than Kristian had. Sometimes accuracy beats running ability – excellent effort, boys! Good work also to Greg, who found three Txs, and Lara and Paul who gave it a go and picked up two.

Name # Txs Start Finish Time
Kristian Ruuska 5 11:25 12:03:20 0:38:20
David Beard 5 12:00 12:39:55 0:39:55
Peter Maloney 5 12:00 12:39:55 0:39:55
Orry Thomas 5 11:25 12:05:15 0:40:15
Tim Hatley 5 9:50:00 10:36:50 0:46:50
Ian Dodd 5 11:46 12:44:50 0:58:50
Henk de Jong 5 12:10 13:11 1:01:00
Dianne Shalders 5 12:10 13:11 1:01:00
Mark Besley 3 11:25 11:54 0:29:00
Greg Tamblyn 3 10:25 11:15:10 0:50:10
Lara Bell and Paul Elliott 2 12:00 12:38:15 0:38:15

The Battlers

The beauty of this CombO course is that people can come and try whatever loops they want – I think that’s what makes it such a popular event with both orienteers and ARDFers alike. But a special mention, I think, is absolutely necessary for those people who put in the effort to try every single leg. So without further ado, here are those brave souls who took on all four loops on offer. (Particular credit to Mark who, every time he came back, informed us that he needed to go home to get to a Father’s Day event… and then proceeded to go and try the next leg anyway!)

Name # Scatter controls # Fox Ors # ARDF Txs Total time
Tim Hatley 12 6 5 1:32:20
Kristian Ruuska 12 6 5 1:33:40
Orry Thomas 12 6 5 1:35:35
Peter Maloney 12 6 5 1:51:30
Ian Dodd 12 6 5 1:56:05
Mark Besley 12 6 3 1:46:11
Greg Tamblyn 12 6 3 2:03:45

Congratulations to Tim Hatley, our overall winner!

PS. Kudos to this nice online Excel-to-HTML converter, which produces clean HTML tables without all the crappy formatting stuff Excel tries to stick in when you save as HTML from it: ~link~

RadiO CombO event at Pound Bend – July 13

Results of the RadiO CombO Score event held at Pound Bend:

1. Bruce Paterson 330 points

2. Ian Dodd 330

3. Ewen Templeton 300

4. Peter Maloney 250

5. Greg Williams 230

6. Suzanne O’Callaghan 190

7. Jack Bramham 180

8. Tim Hatley 90

9. Jenelle Templeton 0

We have plenty of maps left over, so if you want to run a training event there sometime (using virtual controls), let Mike Hubbert know.

Sprint ARDF Event, You Yangs

A fairly unofficial ARDF sprint event on 2m was held this  morning, after the night orienteering events at the You Yangs. It was set around the delightful camping area.

I had problems with TX#3 behaving oddly and crapping over other cycles, so I left it out of this event. I think I may have mis-programmed it (some time ago) somehow !

5 hardy souls had a go, with Dennis H coming in from nearby (apologies about the locked gate!) just for the event. Congrats to Suzanne, who I imagine will be surprised she won overall.


Here are the results:

Name Time Txs found Ranking
Suzanne OC 25 mins 5 1
Dennis H 30 mins 5 2
Rex N 37 mins 5 3
Peter M 42 mins 5 4
Dennis M 14 mins 2 5


A few things to improve on:

  • We could try 20 sec on time (1:40 cycle time) to phase people into the shorter cycles
  • More work needs to be done on TX clock sync adjustment. I had problems with TXs drifting their timeslot and encroaching on others.
  • Better packaging. I think one reset itself by being bumped.

Boys Brigade training

​​Hi, my name is Samuel and I am participating in the Boys’ Brigade orienteering program.

We have learned lots and enjoyed the practice it gave us using the maps, compasses and the Sniffers. Our activities have included hiding orienteering stickers around the church and then tracking them using maps and our own ingenuity.

On Friday 21st ​of June 2013 we had people from the ARDF club come to our Boys Brigade night. Dianne, Bruce, Henk, and Pierre set up transmitters and taught us how to use the sniffers. Then they let us out to find them. We had lots of fun searching for and finding the transmitters. At the end of our evening even our visitors had fun tracking a security guard from Mitcham railway station who had taken one of the transmitters.

​So far this year my friends and I have been to two events, one was orienteering, the other was a Radio Sport event. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. So I suggest you try it.

Samuel S.



Westerfolds Park 80m ARDF results. 21 July 2013

Full Course

Brue Paterson                   5/5Tx         57 min

Ian Dodd                             4*/5Tx         112min

Dianne Shalder                 4*/5Tx         118min

(* identified  Tx off map)

Short Course

Peter Maloney                  3/3Tx         61min

Suzanne O’Callaghan      3/3tx          73min

Will Krincevski                  2/3Tx         74min

Jeff Hughes                        0/3Tx         68min

This event was run in conjunction with an Orienteering event set by Ewen Templeton in neighboring Candle Bark Park and sharing the same finish zone in Westerfolds Park.

The day started with a misfire of Tx3. After setting all TX’s in position, I returned to the start tent to find that Tx3 had gone out of sync. A quick bike ride back to reset it and we were ready to start.


Bruce P. was the first to head out and returned in very good time. Quick to inform me that TX4 was off the map. I checked the GPS readings and yes, it was well off the map. I should have twigged when I rode over a foot bridge with lots of water under it. My apologies to the full course hunters.

Ian D. set out much later and also discovered my foe-par. This resulted in an extended search time, because he did not believe TX4 could be off the map.

Dianne S. had a successful day. Returning with 5Tx’s on her score card, after experiencing some technical difficulties at the start with battery issues.

Suzanne O. was keen to get going. Returning with successfully finding all 3tx’s in time.

Peter M. had a false start, returning with equipment failure early. This was quickly rectified with a new battery and Peter set off again. This time he returned triumphant with all 3 TX’s on the card.

Will Krincevski, approached the course with a lot of enthusiasm and after a little coaching from Bruce, set of solo to locate Tx3. “Will” returned with lots of co-ordinates marked on his map, which were all very close to the location TX3. Well done “Will”. Hope to see you out there again.

Jeff H. had some exercise walking around the park. Unfortunately the score card did not reflect the effort spent. Better luck next time Jeff.

Doug C. turned up with Birthday cake in hand as we were dismantling the course. Thanks for retrieving TX1 & Tx3.

Thanks to all who assisted with the day’s event.

Dennis Haustorfer (vk3bqz)

Valley Reserve CombO and ARDF Sprint

Despite the prediction of rain this afternoon, and a quite threatening radar image, somehow the rain held off till 5pm, so 20 teams (about 26 people in all) enjoyed the combination Street-O (thanks to Greg Andrews of BK orienteering club for us piggybacking on their event) and 7 2m FoxOrs.

The map looked at first glance a small area, but the tricky placement of the FoxOr circles made it difficult to chose a route to cover all options. I’d also made the time limit only 1 hour rather than the more established 75 minutes, because I wanted some time and energy left over for first time trial of our 2m ARDF Sprint event, so as it turned out no-one cleared the course. In fact no-one got all 7 FoxOrs !  Well done to Ewen who managed to get 6 of the 7, plus quite a few orienteering controls too.

Paul’s Boy’s Brigade joined us for this event too. Have a read earlier in this blog about their first trial event a month or so ago. The boys were accompanied by adult leaders or parents, some going in a team. Considering this was their first try at a real event, I’m surprised how well they did. The team of 3 came equal first, so perhaps having more people searching for FoxOrs at once helps a little. Well done to Wesley, Samuel and Cape. Achieving the same final score by deliberately coming in a little late to get that last FoxOr (a still worthwhile 8-6=2pts extra) was the other Samuel. Apologies if I have the Sam’s the wrong way around in the results below; both score cards only had “Samuel” written on them ! Hope to see you all at the August events.

Coming in a very credible mid field were Max and Scott Pendlebury, very first timers at both RadiO, and even at orienteering. Hope you enjoyed yourselves !

Next event is an 80m full ARDF at Westerfolds Park along with the MelBushO there on 21st July. The next FoxOr events are 10th and 17th August with the Saturday CakeO’s.

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See below for ARDF Sprint event report. Here is today’s CombO map, followed by results for the CombO event.


Valley ResV8 Jun 13 - CombO

Valley Reserve CombO Event 13 July 2013

Name Junior 2 pt controls 3 pt controls 4 pt controls 5 pt controls FoxOrs Late penalty Total Order In Place
Ewen Templeton 2 2 2 4 6 86 7 1
Ian Dodd 1 4 4 4 4 82 4 2
Pierre Brockner 2 2 2 3 5 73 1 3
Mark Besley 1 2 2 4 4 68 16 4
Lara Bell 1 3 2 3 5 -6 68 18 5
Mark Jarvis 2 2 3 3 3 61 9 6
Jenelle Templeton 1 2 2 3 4 -6 57 17 7
Hamish McDonald 3 1 2 1 3 46 5 8
Wesley Zagore Yes 1 2 0 2 3 42 13 9
Samuel Stuckbery Yes 1 2 0 2 3 42 14 10
Cape Goodridge Yes 1 2 0 2 3 42 15 11
Samuel Ng Yes 0 2 0 2 4 -6 42 19 12
Max Pendlebury Yes 2 1 1 1 3 40 6 13
Ryan Vernay Yes 1 2 0 3 2 39 12 14
Dennis Mews 2 0 0 2 3 38 8 15
Dianne Shalders 1 0 1 1 3 35 2 16
Henk DeJong 1 0 1 1 3 35 3 17
Christian Chan Yes 0 1 1 3 5 -39 23 21 18
Paul Stuckbery 0 1 1 3 5 -39 23 22 19
Spencer Goodridge Yes 1 2 0 1 0 -12 1 20 20


After the regular RadiO competitors had a short rest and a chance to weigh themselves down with the obligatory cake and yummy thingies provided by all at a Saturday afternoon “Cake-O”, we had a another treat for them ! Our first ARDF Sprint event. This is basically exactly the same as a normal ARDF event, except the whole transmitter cycle takes only 1 minute rather than 5. Instead of being On for 1 minute each, they whip around at only 12 seconds each, making it much more suitable for a small area, such as Valley Reserve. Unfortunately I couldn’t get our new transmitters working the way I wanted, with the Morse ID of each TX keying the TX on and off, rather than just turning on and off the FM modulation. Byon, the US manufacturer of the neat little TXs, despite being away on leave, managed to send me a new version of code that should allow the TX keying to much better suit our Whoopie sniffers . Unfortunately I couldn’t get the bootloader programming to work for me in the hour I had left to try, so we had to run today with the old version. Next time will be better !  Still, it allowed us to get a taste of what the event is like (Ewen and I had a go at this on 80m at the last World Championships in Croatia…and let’s just say we need more practice !) and to iron out the bugs.

Well done to Ian D for the magnificent effort of 4 of the 5 Sprint transmitters, whilst ignoring the ire of wife Debbie who needed him to be at a DROC committee meeting “now!”. I’m sure that spurred him on. Apologies to both Dennis and Mark for throwing them in the deep end on this one; I knew it was going to be harder to DF than I wanted, due to the keying issues, but I didn’t know just how hard ! Also we either need to boost the power a little bit, or keep the area just slightly smaller than I used, if we want them all to be audible over most of the course area.

Also thanks to all those who helped picking up all the FoxOrs and ARDF Txs afterwards. Special thanks to Pierre and Suzanne, who between them found more ARDFs than any of the competitors, picking up all 5 for me. Their trick was to use 2 sniffers, one on whoopee to get the direction, and the other on FM to hear which one it is. This trick can also be done with stereo headphones on the one sniffer, but we didn’t have those available at the time.

ARDF Sprint Results

Name Time Score Gross Score Penalty Bonus
1 Ian Dodd 20:22 50 50 0 0
2 Ewen Templeton 29:30 30 30 0 0
2 Henk DeJong 46:38 30 30 0 0
Mark Besley DNF 0 0 0 0
Dennis Mews DNF 0 0 0 0