Woodlands RadiO

Nine runners enjoyed the ARDF competition and fine weather at Woodlands Historic Reserve on 17 July 2016.   A short 2m Fox-Or course was also set up with three transmitters for people to try.

All went well apart from Tx 4 antenna wire falling out of the limb I’d thrown it over resulting in a weak signal which made everyone think Tx4 was miles away!  This was exacerbated by Tx 5 strong signal, that location was more in the open.  Not having set up 80 m before I was learning on the go and I did not install all of the antennas the same way which added to the variables.  Kris Ruuska instructed novice James Kanjo in the art of ARDF but they still ran the course in 55 minutes, Jack doing very well equalling their time and making a video with the Go Pro.  Some had time to compete in the orienteering as well.

One fox-Or transmitter also had very low power (afterwards I find it was set to low power), this combined with hearing signals from the other two fox-ors, one quite strong due to the topography, made for some extra running about!

Thanks to everyone who assisted and for efficiently collecting the transmitters afterwards.

Grant Jeffrey

Woodlands Historic Park, 17 July 2016
ARDF Orienteering, 80 m, 5 Transmitters, course length approx 5.1 Km
Place Name Start Time Finish Time Elapsed Time Checkpoints
1 Ian Dodd 12:00:00 12:47:30 0:47:30 5
2 Jack Bramham 10:30:00 11:25:00 0:55:00 5
3 Kris Ruuska 10:25:00 11:20:00 0:55:00 5
4 James Kanjo 10:25:00 11:22:00 0:57:00 5
5 Doug Canning 11:00:00 12:44:00 1:44:00 5
6 Peter Maloney 11:15:00 13:17:00 2:02:00 5
7 Janelle Templeton 10:35:00 12:39:00 2:04:00 5
8 Suzanne O’Callaghan 10:40:00 12:11:13 1:31:13 1
2 m Fox-Or, try it – three foxes only.
Place Name Start Time Finish Time Elapsed Time Checkpoints
1 Tim Hatley 11:48:00 12:17:00 0:29:00 3