Both AR relays teams place at Vic Relays

The AR club only entered two teams in the Mixed category (Short,Long,Medium) of the Victorian Orienteering Club Relays, but they placed 2nd and 3rd, so everyone competing got a certificate. Dry and warm autumn conditions at Eppalock.

Control point beside rock
view of the ARDF gazebo & Flag
section of the arena area
view from ARDF gazebo
The AR 2nd & 3rd placed relay teams
Jack’s CATI event at Westerfolds

Vic ARDF scoop at Street-O presentations

The small AR club had an impressively high placings hit rate at the Street-O Monday/Wednesday Summer series presentations on 3rd April.
We even had the 1st/2nd/3rd tri-fector in one of the Power Walking categories !

Congrats to Bruce, Suzanne, Mark, Dianne, Henk, Jenelle, Ewen and Ian (not in picture – he had to head off home earlier).

Gardiners Bend RadiO event – 9 Sep 2017

The Gardiner’s Bend RadiO event on Saturday 9 September 2017 took place on a gloriously sunny spring afternoon and was an opportunity to explore the parkland around Gardiner’s Creek and Ashburton.

6 participants tried out the RadiO combo course – a combination of foxor TXs and street-o controls. 2 went for foxors only.

Darian and Pierre took  a conservative approach and collected 5 foxors without giving in to the lure of more far-flung foxors and controls. Neale did a very efficient course and returned well within the time. It was a long course if you tried to collect them all (over 15 km!). Hamish, Monica and Ian succumbed to temptation and had adventures and were late returning – Monica plagued by an injured ankle and Ian chasing reflections from the Monash Freeway wall.

Jack and Peter enjoyed the sunshine and visited the foxors only – Peter taking the scenic route home.

Thanks to all for coming and helping with the setup and pull down.

GB 9Sep 2017


Ian Dodd 8 12 16 25 60 3:19:36 -45 76
Neale Banks 3 12 15 40 3:01:45 70
Darian Panter 4 4 10 50 3:03:10 68
Pierre Brokner 4 4 10 50 3:03:45 68
Monica Lo Presti 6 12 15 50 3:11:05 -21 62
Hamish McDonald 6 3 12 10 50 3:14:10 -30 51
Jack Bramham 50 2:59:00 50
Peter Cole 50 3:46:00 -84 -34

Suzanne O’Callaghan VK3FSZI

Course setter

Norton’s Park Combo (Sat 27 Aug)

While the weather on the day was blustery but fine,
the heavy rain of the last few weeks, has made it soggy underfoot,
however most competitors made it to all 4 Radio Controls.

We had 9 starters in a combo event, with cakes afterwards.

First Name Second Name 65 min place 01-05
2 Pts
3 Pts
4 Pts
5 Pts
10 Pts
Return Min
(or part there of)
Final Score
After Late
Tim Hatley 1 4 4 5 5 4 3:02 105
Jim Glaspole 2 3 1 4 4 4 3:04 85
Adam Scammell 3 2 2 3 2 4 3:05 69
Neale Banks 4 3 2 2 1 4 2:58 65
Suzanne O’callaghan 5 1 1 2 2 4 3:10 48
Dianne 6 0 0 0 1 4 2:58 45
Denis Haustorfer 7 0 0 0 0 4 2:57 40 RadiO Only
Junken Okabe 8 0 1 2 0 2 3:03 31
Abi Salek-Beard 9 2 1 1 2 4 3:27 0

(Just remembered 65 Min for the Combo event, scores updated)
Hamish McDonald

Woodlands RadiO

Nine runners enjoyed the ARDF competition and fine weather at Woodlands Historic Reserve on 17 July 2016.   A short 2m Fox-Or course was also set up with three transmitters for people to try.

All went well apart from Tx 4 antenna wire falling out of the limb I’d thrown it over resulting in a weak signal which made everyone think Tx4 was miles away!  This was exacerbated by Tx 5 strong signal, that location was more in the open.  Not having set up 80 m before I was learning on the go and I did not install all of the antennas the same way which added to the variables.  Kris Ruuska instructed novice James Kanjo in the art of ARDF but they still ran the course in 55 minutes, Jack doing very well equalling their time and making a video with the Go Pro.  Some had time to compete in the orienteering as well.

One fox-Or transmitter also had very low power (afterwards I find it was set to low power), this combined with hearing signals from the other two fox-ors, one quite strong due to the topography, made for some extra running about!

Thanks to everyone who assisted and for efficiently collecting the transmitters afterwards.

Grant Jeffrey

Woodlands Historic Park, 17 July 2016
ARDF Orienteering, 80 m, 5 Transmitters, course length approx 5.1 Km
Place Name Start Time Finish Time Elapsed Time Checkpoints
1 Ian Dodd 12:00:00 12:47:30 0:47:30 5
2 Jack Bramham 10:30:00 11:25:00 0:55:00 5
3 Kris Ruuska 10:25:00 11:20:00 0:55:00 5
4 James Kanjo 10:25:00 11:22:00 0:57:00 5
5 Doug Canning 11:00:00 12:44:00 1:44:00 5
6 Peter Maloney 11:15:00 13:17:00 2:02:00 5
7 Janelle Templeton 10:35:00 12:39:00 2:04:00 5
8 Suzanne O’Callaghan 10:40:00 12:11:13 1:31:13 1
2 m Fox-Or, try it – three foxes only.
Place Name Start Time Finish Time Elapsed Time Checkpoints
1 Tim Hatley 11:48:00 12:17:00 0:29:00 3


Abbey Walk RadiO combo

The weather gods shone on us at Abbey Walk and so did the sun. A magnificent afternoon for strolling or running through the creeklands and surrounding streets.

With the five fox-or controls each worth 15 points the main incentive was to find them and perhaps pick up a few low value plate controls on the way. Most RadiO enthusiasts did just that and returned within the 75min time limit to enjoy the “CakeO” refreshments at the Finish.

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon

9 July 2016 – Abbey Walk RadiO CombO Results
1 Ian Dodd 145
2 Mark Besley 117
3 Darian Panter 100
4 Jim Glaspole 92
5 Neale Banks 75
6 Monica Lopresti 75
1 Pierre Brokner 95
2 Adam Scammell 85
3 Beard family 69
4 Henk de Jong 67
5 Dianne Shalders 67

Mike Hubbert

Lilydale Heights Radio Combo

Sat, 23 May, 2015

Great weather and an interesting area. Ten people competed in the “Radio Combo” event. Well done to Bruce and Kris who got all the orienteering controls and all the FoxOrs. Unfortunately Kris started a couple of minutes late, otherwise the finish might have been neck and neck. As it was, Bruce finished first by a comfortable margin.

Further down the field, there were some very close scores. Judging from the feedback, I think that everyone had a good time.

Name2 pt3 pt4 pt5 ptFoxOrTotalArrival
Bruce Paterson555551201
Kris Ruuska555551202
Ian Dodd554551165
Ewen Templeton244551076
Pierre Brokner33315828
Henk De Jong23315807
Dianne Shalders13244794
Jenelle Templeton13334783
Jack Bramham23115729
Keith Anker121145710

Boys Brigade training

​​Hi, my name is Samuel and I am participating in the Boys’ Brigade orienteering program.

We have learned lots and enjoyed the practice it gave us using the maps, compasses and the Sniffers. Our activities have included hiding orienteering stickers around the church and then tracking them using maps and our own ingenuity.

On Friday 21st ​of June 2013 we had people from the ARDF club come to our Boys Brigade night. Dianne, Bruce, Henk, and Pierre set up transmitters and taught us how to use the sniffers. Then they let us out to find them. We had lots of fun searching for and finding the transmitters. At the end of our evening even our visitors had fun tracking a security guard from Mitcham railway station who had taken one of the transmitters.

​So far this year my friends and I have been to two events, one was orienteering, the other was a Radio Sport event. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. So I suggest you try it.

Samuel S.



Bellbird Dell RadiO

Saturday 20th October, 2012


Radi-O Event. Bellbird Dell, Terrara Road. Wantirna.

It was a pleasant day for a run or quiet stroll through the parklands, sniffer in hand.

5 Fox-Or Txs were deployed in the Bellbird Dell parklands. �3 were secreted in the Southern sector relatively close to the start. �The remaining 2 were positioned further North.

8 people participated despite the fact that many (including the course setter) were somewhat sleep deprived following the previous evening�s fox hunt exploits.
Lack of sleep however did not discourage Bruce and Ewen. They covered substantial distances to collect 17 and 12 Orienteering controls respectively, in addition to the 5 FoxOrs.

Newcomers Dennis M (from the UK) and Ian J (a regular orienteer) also tried their hand at FoxOr-ing.

Not having had enough exercise for the day, Ewen then escorted the Stuchbery family (also newcomers to RadiO) around the 3 southern Txs.

Regular RadiO participant, Chalky, completed a regular Street-O course then collected the two northern-most Txs.

Orienteering Controls
�Mark B58
�Dennis. M51
�Ian. J33

Control Collection:

�Stuchbery� family��� (under direction of Ewen T)

Thanks to all who participated and helped out on the day.

Thanks to DROC who supplied the colour map.

Dianne (VK3 FVXN).

WMMTBO The long Long!

Yep, it was another hot day, but more wind which made it a bit more bearable.

We simply rode from the Uni accomodation to the Start (about 6km) when it suited our respective start times. No need to drive anywhere today. Start times were spaced all through the day.

My own 1st leg was marred by the fact I had no idea where I was for a while. Carolyn J and Murray W also experienced difficulties, but seems I was most caught out. It was only afterwards that Peter C mentioned to me that the start triangle on the map wasn’t located where we were started that I could figure out how I’d got it all so wrong. Anyway, 10 minutes wasted, which is unrecoverable really in this sort of world competition. Still, I gave the rest (which was a lot, over 30km on my GPS) a good shot. Nearly did my trick of missing controls again, but recovered OK losing only a few more minutes.

There were large areas of grassland to pedal over. Some there simply wasn’t a track option; the control was out in an old  tank hidey-hole or something. The ground was somewhat bumpy. Murray came a cropper on one of the linear ditches.

There were also 2 maps issued at the start, which was novel. You had to pull the other one out when the 1st one ‘stopped’ at a control. There was yet a 3rd map issued at the 2nd tunnel under a railway line which took you back through Veszprem town (with police supervised crossings) to the finish, after a cruel very steep uphill penultimate leg (pictured), in the city centre.

I ended up 36th (out of 45 in M40), so not disgraced at the bottom. Best result was Carolyn J, dissappointed in her 2nd place. Chris F 12th in the juniors. Peter C also a very credible Top 20 finish at 19th in M50.

Unfortunately Tom G was out of luck again with a puncture at the 2nd map change,so he had to run the section through town. He couldn’t undo the valve stem screw to put a new tube in.

It barely seems like any time has passed, but tonight is the last night, with Banquet, in Veszprem. Tomorrow Murray and I head off towards Bükkszentkereszt, the other side of Budapest, where Gyuri is competing in the Hungarian ARDF championships this weekend. I don’t know what my internet access might be over the next week or so.

Previous blog:

Murray had my camera today, so these photos are courtesy of him:


PS: Let me know if you are reading these blogs !!  Thanks to those who have sent me feedback.    (Only 1 view of the 2nd part of the sprint ? You’re not even trying 🙂)

Cheers, Bruce