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Hays Paddock Sprint ARDF Training

Hays Paddock Sprint ARDF Training

brucepOctober 8, 20212 min read

Hays Paddock training event is on from 9 Oct – 24 Oct (or later if requested). For now only if it’s in your 15km circle, but fingers crossed that may…

2021 ARDF membership form

brucepFebruary 20, 20211 min read

If you are a returning Vic ARDF member who has joined via Eventor, and none of your details below have changed, you do not need to fill in a form.…

Vermont South ARDF 2m Sprint Event

brucepJanuary 7, 20213 min read

After some teething problems with logging the GPS locations for the start and each of the transmitters only to find the program I used to save thelocations only went down…

Ashwood South Sprint ARDF Report

brucepNovember 7, 20204 min read

This Covid-safe event ran for over 3 weeks for 4 hours a day, stretching from Jack first out the gates on Thursday 22nd October, through to Henk & Di on…

Sprint Ardf Training begins again!

brucepOctober 21, 20201 min read

Sprint training Covid style is available now in Ashwood South. 5TX 2m (on 145.300MHz). Each TX runs for 12s, so 5 TXs form a 1 minute cycle. There is a…