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Ashwood South Sprint ARDF Report

brucepNovember 7, 20204 min read

This Covid-safe event ran for over 3 weeks for 4 hours a day, stretching from Jack first out the gates on Thursday 22nd October, through to Henk & Di on…

Sprint Ardf Training begins again!

brucepOctober 21, 20201 min read

Sprint training Covid style is available now in Ashwood South. 5TX 2m (on 145.300MHz). Each TX runs for 12s, so 5 TXs form a 1 minute cycle. There is a…

Yarren Dheran – 2M ARDF Sprint

Yarren Dheran – 2M ARDF Sprint

Kris RuuskaJuly 3, 20203 min read

UPDATE: Due to the updated COVID-19 restrictions which are effective from 11:59pm on Wednesday, 8th of July, this event will be ending on Wednesday, 8th of July. Sorry, if anyone…

Jan 2020 Foxhunt

brucepJanuary 25, 20201 min read

Congratulations to the VK3MZ team for a job well done in taking out the January hunts results were as follows.  Many thanks to Kristian and Megan for opening their home…

Vic ARDF Christmas Party

brucepDecember 22, 20192 min read

Thanks to all those who made to the Vic ARDF Christmas Party. The weather turned out perfect, considering the scorcher only 1 day earlier. The results from the two fun…