WMMTBO Sprints Sprung

Good things about today:

  • The enjoyable ride on the sprint event (this one just for Masters, the others had a rest day)
  • The wonderfully cooling swim in the huge Balaton lake afterwards
  • The new bike mechanicals worked perfectly without a hitch
  • Murray got a ride in the sprints and had a good time
  • The Contour took a great movie of my sprint ride (see below…)
  • Carolyn J got a silver medal
  • Knee was fine
  • Ice cream at the lake

Not so good things about today:

  • The oppressive heat continued
  • The moment as you watch your split ticket being printed and you see two dashed lines
  • The really odd map colouring which the greens looked like yellow, and the near invisible purple control lines
  • The realisation I had (yet again )skipped a little 2 control loop without knwoing it at the time (went directly from 5->8 which are very close to each other)
  • Dinner at the caf (well it was OK, better than Tuesday’s I thought)


Carpark in Balatonalmadi town
Swim in Lake Balaton


Carolyn J in changing cubby

Sorry for the odd placement of these images, but the wordpress blog just appears to have undergone a “media upgrade” and moving images around now seems to be broken.It also randomly ‘forgets’ captions and titles. All very strange !

Peter C finished 37th and Murray 46th in M50. Carolyn C also rode today finishing a credible 13th in W50.

Previous blog here: https://ardf.org.au/WordPress/2012/wmmtbo-middle-middling/

My sprint video (in 2 parts) :



See if you can spot the ooops after the long downhill in the 2nd video (as well as the obvious mistake skipping 6 & 7 in the first).  Have a look at the map on Route Gadget to follow the control sequence. http://www.mtbo.hu/mtbwoc2012.php/routegadget, or if not there yet, here is a photo I took of my map:

Sprint map M40






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