WMMTBO Middle Middling

If anyone bothered to watch my ‘live feed data’ today (in the middle of the night in Aus), you have noticed a sudden drop in my speed at around control 7. There’s a very good reason for this, and it basically revolves around the fact that once your rear derailler has broken off, it isn’t possible to pedal anymore. Well at least I was able to ride down hills and walk otherwise, at least untill I then got a puncture.  There has to be something very special about managing to get a puncture once you are walking your bike 🙂

Our car, parked in the Death Valley paddock

Pure bloody mindedness, and the fact it wasn’t a huge detour, made me decide to finish the course walking. Quite amazingly, I wasn’t last, even amongst those who didn’t miss-punch. I felt I was going pretty well up till things broke, possibly mid 20’s sort of placing, but that’s just a guess.

The team blog will appear at http://ausmtboteam.blogspot.hu

Peter C came 23rd in the tough M50 category, but we just went to watch Carolyn J get her gold for W50. Also well done to Chris F, 5th in Juniors, and that means he also got to stand on the podium. Please Slovakia don’t keep doing well, your national anthem is toooo long !

Carolyn Jackson and Advance Australia Fair
Chris on the podium
M40 1st, 2nd & 3rd all Czech Republic !


Update: My bike is all fixed up again by the local bike shop, ready for the Masters sprint event tomorrow morning.

Went into the nearby ‘old town’ for Pizza, wine and ice cream cone afters. Delicious, and have to say a lot better than the organised meals at the uni caf.

Lovely spot to dine out






Cheers, Bruce

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