Emerald Lake Event Report

Emerald Map

On a cold wet miserable day a few hardy souls braved the weather and competed in the event. Five ARDF Tx’s and six 80m fox-ors were distributed around the park. Competitors could compete in one or more of the events on offer: ie bush orienteering (several courses), ARDF and fox-or.

Three people undertook the ARDF and results as follows:

Kristian R: 5 Tx’s 32m (also did an orienteering course)
Mark B: 5 Tx’s 91m
Jack B: 5 Tx’s 135m

No one did the fox-or course but 6 of the orienteers had a go at finding the close in control (30-40m away) the teenage girls thought it was cool, haven’t convinced Vic S but others might have a go in future. I don’t think they are as intimidated with 80m sniffers as the 2 m ones. Dianne and Kristian did each find two 80m fox-ors when picking up the equipment.

Thanks to Dianne for getting up at an unearthly hour to help put out the Tx’s.

Map attached.