Woodlands Historic Park 20 August 2017

The RadiO event at Woodlands Historic Park on 20 August 2017 took place on a delightful winter’s day – sunshine, blue skies, no wind and an open bush setting where the wattle is starting to bloom. And some interesting large river gums and creeks for a foxor hunt!

ARDF course setter Suzanne O’Callaghan VK3FSZI collaborated with Tuckonie Orienteering Club to put together a combination course of foxor transmitters and bush orienteering controls – or for those who prefer RadiO on its own, a course of foxor transmitters only.

5 intrepid ARDF members tried out the RadiO courses, alongside around 150 competitors for the MelBushO orienteering course.

Darian Panter VK3FAST was his usual speedy self and cleaned up the foxor only course in under an hour.

Ian Dodd whipped around the combination course, collecting all orienteering controls and the foxors in under 90 minutes. Peter Maloney dropped the furthest controls and foxor for a very respectable second place. And Mike Hubbert and Hamish McDonald explored the creeks for an intense orienteering and foxoring experience.


RadiO A – Combo MelBushO and Foxor TXs 90 minutes
Place Name Time RadiO TX MelBushO Penalty Total points
1 Ian Dodd 1:26:59 6 25 370
2 Peter Maloney 1:30:39 5 20 10 290
3 Mike Hubbert 1:27:11 3 17 230
4 Hamish McDonald 1:10:31 5 9 190
RadiO B – Foxor TXs only 90 minutes    
Place Name Time RadiO TX Total points  
1 Darian Panter 0:50:31 6 120


Thanks to Ian Dodd for programming the RadiO event into the MelBushO results system.

And to Warwick Davis from Tuckonie Orienteering Club for the MelBushO map.