80m ARDF Yarra Band

Had a field of 6 competitors for the 80M Ardf at Yarra Bend on Sun 2 Aug 2015
The early weather reports were looking like rain, but it managed to hold off until everyone had gone home and all the controls were picked up.
My attempts to make control number 1 and 2 quick and easy, seemed to fall off the rails , with everyone reporting a strong signal from above the road SE (and out of bounds).
Followed by a correction to NE once people got to the road. (Many competitors did this control last)
Intermittent transmission of control 4 also caused a bit of confusion.
I had hoped 5 would be more difficult for the advanced runners, but most people seemed to take it in their stride, getting a good bearing from 3 and running down a geographically constrained area past the control.
1  Bruce     Paterson       1:06:57    1-2-3-5-4
2  Ian    Dodd            1:11:11    1-4-3-5-2
3  Greg    Williams    1:37:58    1-5-3-4-2
4  Jenelle   Templeton    1:27:37    1-2-3-5
5  Peter     Maloney    1:00:13    3
6  Suzanne O’Callaghan 1:01:10    1
As for the Mystery, pin the tail on the donkey event, several people had difficulty hearing this control, and when collecting controls I had found that most of the extendable sections of squid pole, (used to hang the antenna wire) had telescoped, giving very poor radiation. It was fully extended at 7AM, with a little extra force applied to each section, but somewhere along the way, it collapsed.
Bruce was the first on this event, and reported that the antenna may have fallen down during his run, about 12:30, with an unexplained drop in power.
Bruce and Jenelle were equal first, with Ian coming 3rd.
Hamish McDonald