RadiO & Toorourong Sunday Special

Sun, 25 June, 2006      

Radi-O 1 (short)


Radi-O 2 (long)


Porcupine Ridge RadiO Event

Sun, 19 February, 2006

Twelve competitors gave RadiO a go today at the Bush Orienteering season opener near Daylesford. Despite some early drizzle in Melbourne the weather at the event was perfect.

Unfortunately not many attempted the full scale 5 transmitter ARDF event, but a few gave the novel Combo (Fox-or+) course a try . The line distance for the ARDF was 7km, but the quite hilly terrain made for a challenging event. Noone found all 5 within the 120 minute time limit.

The Combo course (do the Fox-or but also try to find any two ARDF transmitters) was an attempt to give a gradual introduction to ARDF to those already reasonably proficient at Fox-or style events. In the future a Combo course could be rolled into the standard Fox-or, but with bonuses for finding any ARDF transmitters as well.

The hilly terrain also meant many that attempted to do both a Bush-O and a RadiO were just too exhausted. There are two possible future options here. Those attempting both should be actively encouraged to do a shorter bush-O than normal (to have any real chance at the RadiO at all), or we attempt to always offer a Bush+RadiO course that incorporates a suitably short Bush-O only leg (Hageby style). The latter would require allowing Bush+RadiO starts from the same time as Bush-O (10:00am).

A few small issues:

  1. There seem to be only 3 mini flags + punches in the Fox-or bag. Had make do with some Medals as flags.
  2. Fox-or #1 started fine, but when it came back it was no longer flashing; it was stil producing a weak carrier. Some people found this one a bit weak. (Unit marked �Dodgy� with duct tape.)
  3. The new LCD sniffers can’t really be lent out yet. A competitor who had one came back saying it didn’t work (for Fox-or) as it was too insensitive.
  4. The fudge at the Woodend shop is really fudgy.

Bruce Paterson, Course Setter


ComboDavid Beard82:08:00

Marta Salek61:34:20
Fox-orDianne Shalders41:20:00

Gary & Ryioden Panter41:36:56

Ewen Templeton31:03:00

Ian Stirling20:40:00

Ken & Anitra Dowling20:60:00

Darian Panter10:30:00

Shane Keely10:50:00
ARDFTony Langdon41:58:17

Endeavour Greens Micro + RadiO

Sun, 22 May, 2005


Weather conditions varied between brisk – warm and gusty, depnding on time, and cloud cover. A great day none the less was had by those competing in the second dual MicrO/RadiO event orgainised by the Victorian ARDF Group Inc. A few competing events resulted in lower than expected enterants. Those that did turn up were greated with a lovely stroll / run through the ample parks, aptly named Endeavour Greens for that very reason. There were eight courses on offer, providing ample choice for those that wished to walk or run or have a go at RadiO. A double sided map provided competitors with a small scale black and white map to navigate to the start of the colour map which was provided on the reverse side. The full colour 1:5,000 map provided competitors with interesting route choice challenge’s including many uncrossable fences. Three radiO courses provided competitors with navigational chalenges both inside and outside the 200m diameter control circles. The control circle once navigated to contained a low power hidden transmitter / control which the provided direction finding equipment (sniffer) was used to find. In organising the courses I found that several control circles provided ample route choice with many uncrossable features. Carefull use of sniffers ensured a few competitors cut down substantially on distance, without wasting time looking for the control on the wrong side of the river or fence..

It was great to see soo many competiors diversify by having a go at both diciplines. Many thans again to Bryan Ackerly for the use of the transmitters which operated perfectly. Check the usual event guides or websites, another one of these great events will be orgainised on a Saturday or Sunday in the not too distant future. Don’t miss it…


Runners A Course – 7Km:

Place Competitor Time
1 Marta Salek
2 Jun Okabe
3 Denise Pike


4 Peter Grover
5 Louise Hall


6 Robyn Hall


7 Peter Yeates

Runners B Course – 5.5Km:

Place Competitor Time
1 David Beard 40:25
2 Helen Alexander 49:40
3 Mike Hubbert


4 Ian Baker 59:15
5 Wally Cavill


RadiO Runners A Course – 5Km:

Place Competitor Time

Mark Diggins

2 Bruce Paterson 27:40
3 Marta Salek


4 Bryan Ackerly 31:20
5 Tony Langdon


RadiO Runners B Course – 4.5Km:

Place Competitor Time

Mike H+ Joy M


Power Walkers A Course – 5.5Km:

Place Competitor Time
1 Tina Smith 43:25
2 Stan Gurman
3 Judy Hopkins


4 Ilze Yeates 40:49
5 Graham Morey


6 Sue Gurman
7 Des Gregory
8 Pam King

Power Walkers B Course – 4.5Km:

Place Competitor Time
1 Josie + Jasmine Cox 59:10
2 Dianne Shalders 77:35

RadiO Power Walkers Course – 4.5Km:

Place Competitor Time
1 Greg Tamblyn 56:43
2 Henk DeJong 65:30
3 David Beard 69:05

Map for Runners A Course:

Runners A Course (Colour Map, Scale 1:5,000, 5M Contours)

Adam Scammell

Eaglemont Micro – Fox-Or-Ing:

Sun, 31 October, 2004


A warm day greeted those who competed in the Fox-oring event run in conjunction with the MicrO event run by Melbourne Forrest Racers. Conditions were great for running except for the odd snake or two seen crossing a path by competitors and your organiser. Five people competed in the long course of 8 transmitters which was approximately 5.3Kms when taking the tracks and allowing for a detour to check which side of the river number 4 was on. The short course of 4 transmitter had two entrants and was approximately 2.5Kms in length. Competitors had to navigate to a 100m circle and then use their direction finding equipment to find the transmitter / control. The organiser was a little sneaky and placed two of the circles in an area that covered both sides of the river thus making the competitors choose the route carefully. It also ensured that directional bearing could help competitors determine which side the transmitter was on, without wasting time looking for the control.
Several competitors once back from the radio course also competed in the Micro event, while 2 people competing in the Micro gave the RadiO event a try on a shorter / easier course. Thanks to MFR for the map and registration and also thanks to Bryan Ackerly for the use of the transmitters which operated perfectly. Another one of these RadiO event’s will be orgainised combination with the Darebin MicrO event on Sun the 14th November 2004.


Long course:

1Adam Scammell827:30
2Bryan Ackerly831:55
3Bruce Paterson835:27
4Ewen Templeton844:58
5Tony Langdon846:51

Short course scores

1Henk de Jong432:03
2Mike Hubbert439:43

Bruce Paterson above, searching for his second control Transmitter number 4 (Photo: Adam Scammell)

Bryan Ackerly above, searching for his last control Transmitter number 7 (Photo: Adam Scammell)

Mark Diggins