Outdoor adventures Japan (or Part b of Blog 2)

Sunrise at Izukyu Shimoda DSC_0276 (Medium)
Sunrise at Izukyu Shimoda (an omen for the weather to come)


Sea kayaking.

Getting ready to kayak
Getting ready to kayak

Initial on land instructions, safety briefing, kitted out and out into the sea to practice paddling, and use of the rudder. Only one unscheduled swim from yours truly, unreal sensation. Paddled for about 2 hours to nearby cove (couldn’t call it a beach). Snorkelled, lucky enough to see some pretty little fish, a couple of larger ones that I tried to pursue but they could swim faster than me. Lunch on the rocks and headed back to starting point, Bruce, Kris and Ewen seemed to be quite proficient. As far as I was concerned steering the kayak was not second nature and invariably became unstuck at a critical moment. Arrived back at our starting point just as the afternoon storm broke. Almost didn’t need a shower to wash off the salt.

Transported back to Shimoda station, with just enough time to book tickets for the train to Tokyo. We journeyed together for part of the way. The last we saw of Bruce and Kris, was them scurrying along the platform to catch their connection in 4 minutes.

Prepared with our skirts
Setting out
Kayak 2
Kayak 3
IMG_1490 (Medium)
Preparing lunch
IMG_1485 (Medium)
IMG_1481 (Medium)
IMG_1484 (Medium)
Quick escape
IMG_1486 (Medium)
Prelunch swim !
IMG_1487 (Medium)
Prelunch swim 2
IMG_1488 (Medium)
Preparing lunch
IMG_1489 (Medium)
Preparing lunch 2
Worth the wait
IMG_1491 (Medium)
After lunch stroll 1
IMG_1492 (Medium)
After lunch stroll 2
IMG_1494 (Medium)
Something in the rocks 1
IMG_1496 (Medium)
Something in the rocks 2
IMG_1497 (Medium)













Our Friday in Tokyo, Ewen and Jenelle took a bike tour. Very exhilarating riding on the streets of Tokyo, not for the faint hearted.



Island built on refuse
Island built on refuse.
Green building with Rice paddy inside DSC_0281 (Medium)
Green building with Rice paddy inside
Tokyo Railway Station DSC_0282 (Medium)
Tokyo Railway Station
Outside Imperial Palace DSC_0288 (Medium)
View of the entrance to the Imperial Palace
Oeno Park DSC_0294 (Medium)
Oeno Park
Water Lily at Oeno Park
Lotus flower at Oeno Park
I found a bear DSC_0301 (Medium)
I found a bear!!
Bear and riding companions DSC06679 (Medium)
Bear and riding companions
Our shelter from the afternoon storm DSC06690 (Medium) (2)
Our shelter from the afternoon storm
Good karma DSC_0312 (Medium)
Good karma
Shinto Shrine DSC_0331 (Medium)
Shinto Shrine
The safe way to cross the street DSC_0305 (Medium)
The safe way to cross the street
Riding through Akihabara DSC06669 (Medium)
Riding through Akihabara – not for the faint hearted
One beautiful temple along the way DSC_0309 (Medium)
One beautiful temple along the way



Tokyo tower DSC06695 (Medium) (2)
Tokyo tower – the communication engineers temple
Kiyosumi Gardens - this was the highlight for me
Kiyosumi Gardens – this was the highlight for me
Kiyosumi Gardens 2 DSC_0339 (Medium)
Kiyosumi Gardens 2
Kiyosumi Gardens 3DSC_0342 (Medium)
Kiyosumi Gardens 3






Kiyosumi Gardens 4 DSC_0345 (Medium)
Kiyosumi Gardens 4


Saturday trip to Mt Fuji

It took about 40 minutes longer than expected to get to Mt Fuji, bus travel is not the way to go in Japan. Passed an amazing fun park on the way.

Fun park Fuji QDSC_0352 (Medium)
Fun park Fuji Q

Ewen, Mark and Jenelle joined Jack for a tour. We eventually got to Fuji 5th station (where the climb starts) about midday. The traffic was very heavy and crowds of people. Fuji was being coy, and only managed a fleeting glimpse as the fog rolled in.

DSC_0361 (Medium)
First glimpse of Fuji
DSC_0355 (Medium)
Mark at entrance to the climb at 5th station
DSC_0364 (Medium)
Weekend crowds at 5th station
DSC_0378 (Medium)

Visited the lava forest, Shiraito Falls and Lakes and garden.

DSC_0408 (Medium)
Lava forest
DSC_0387 (Medium)
Lava forest 2
DSC_0386 (Medium)
Enchanted forest from the Magic Faraway tree.
DSC_0411 (Medium)
Maybe some goblin is hiding underneath
DSC_0410 (Medium)
Some interesting vegetation
DSC06724 (Medium)
Down to the cave
DSC06725 (Medium)
Some of us were more cautious
DSC_0405 (Medium)
A really cool place in more ways than one.
DSC_0423 (Medium)
Shiraito no Taki Falls 1
DSC_0417 (Medium)
Shiraito no Taki Falls 2
DSC_0443 (Medium)
Final glimpses of Fuji 1
DSC_0435 (Medium)
Final glimpses of Fuji 2
DSC_0451 (Medium)
Manicured Gardens
DSC_0459 (Medium)
Walled Gardens














DSC_0375 (Medium)
Look who was waiting for us a the railway station. It is a pity we had booked the bus. We could have done with a really useful engine.


These activities seem quite tame after more recent events!!

Photos of Himeji castle  from previous blog

Himeji castle
Himeji castle