RadiO in the forest

Last night we stayed here with some of the Hungarian Radio Orienteering team, plus Vadim from USA and 3 Romainians.






It was basic, but falling into disrepair a little. A former youth camp. Today a whole load of kids (a school ?) moved in sowe were relocated before breakfast into this house across the road. At least the latter has hot showers !

Today’s accomodation house (across the road)








Murray was just going to run along beside me this morning, but other convinced him he may as well take a sniffer along too. Good thing he did really as I had trouble hearing some on mine at times, so that little bit of extra help was valuable. Murray found it challenging, but certainly different. We took 79 minutes to find the M40 4 TX out of a time limit of 90 minutes. It was pretty steep terrain, I was being extra specially careful with my knee, and also attempting to plan our route together.

It rained for the first time after lunch, but only for 10mins or so.Waether today was warm but pleasant, possibly helped by our altitude in the hills. The forest is sometimes clear, sometimes a bit overgrown, so the running varies. All extremely green looking.

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Cheers, Bruce