March 2001 Foxhunt

Hunting commenced outside the old pentridge prison in Coburg.

The first hunt saw the hounds heading towards the Western Ring Road. Tom had ridden his bike some distance into the wilderness and it took the hounds a long time to run the distance to him, first to find him was Adam from the YDF team. VR and BLN also found him. Melway 15B11

Second hunt saw Doug VK3JDO out near the Airport – the VT team has used spots around here a few times in the past and PW was first to find Doug on the road near the control tower – the road in in nowhere near the airport! YQN and HBD were close behind and BLN a few minutes back. Melway 5 C 11 (Approx)

Around this time the drought that Melbourne had been experiencing decided to break and rain began falling with very strong winds!

Hunt three was near a creek and the Western Ring Road and had Greg VK3VT at the end of a Horn Street Melway 7J8. First to find him was BLN with HBD second and number of teams a minute latter.

Hunt 4 began and then the rain really got heavy! As a fox person I found it hard enough to drive it must have been hell with the window down!. Tom and Chris VK3CHR were in the maze of back streets in the Mill/Blossom Park area and once again BLN was the first to find them. Melway 10 D 7 Jubilee Cres.

Due to the rain the fox decided to cut the next planned hunt and so supper was put on to heat while the hounds went in search of the final fox. Chris had parked in a court at the back of Greensbrough and was to be in a park but the rain kept him in the car! YQN was first to find him with VR next and the YDF and BLN. Melway 11C10 Tathra Court.

Supper was held at Greg VK3VT’s home and the hounds did their usual efficient job of leaving little to tidy up! All agreed it had been the wettest hunt in memory and I can say I was glad to be fox rather than having the water pouring in to the car!


Team	Hunt 1	Hunt 2	Hunt 3	Hunt 4	Hunt 5	Total	
VK3BLN	6	5	0	0	4	15	
VK3YQN	10	1	4	9	0	24	
VK3YDF	0	10	4	8	4	26	
VK3VR	3	10	4	10	2	29	
VK3PW	10	0	10	1	10	31	
VK3HBD	10	1	3	10	8	32