February 2001 Foxhunt

We had found around 14 hiding spots, 10 of which Mark found and planned for the night, just in case we got off to a good start, you had good signal all night, all our gear worked, etc. Of course this wasn’t the case and as anticipated we got though about half of them; but at least now we don’t have a lot of planning required for next time!

As one team in particular knows (through doing so on numerous occasions) it is not always a brilliant idea to develop or modify fox-hunt software on the Friday night just before the hunt (or in some cases on the way to the hunt and/or at the meeting spot!). In this case I decided to give the tedious job of calculating scores, especially subtraction of times to determine leg times, to a spreadsheet so I could hopefully get some supper this time around (big thanks again to Olga for opening her café and all the effort involved pre and post the invasion). I did at least have time to test the spreadsheet but clearly not enough time to delete all the test data. This resulted in some teams, notably the one alluded to above, having extra points added to their score by mistake.

As a consequence of correcting this error, it now emerges that BLN won the night, with the remaining teams still in the order they were announced Friday, including the equal forth places. That’s a good birthday present for John! Apologies to the other 2 teams affected by the error. Details below (scores web page also updated).

(at least it didn’t calculate that YQN won!)

February Fox-hunt results

TeamTotal scoreFinish order
VT / FOX304