May 2001 Foxhunt

Here are the official results for the May hunt as organised by the VK3HBD team :

Seven teams lined up at the start to begin hunting. The first fox was turned on at 8:10pm. As this fox was on a bike several teams got caught out by dropping runners at the wrong end of the bike path, the fox averaged 11 km/h along the bike track. Four out of the 7 teams managed to run him down. These were YDF,VR,YQN and TXO. BLI found their car had a leaking fuel line and retired from any more hunts.

Hunt 2 This fox was on foot heading south towards the final destination: Heathmont railway station, (starting from Ringwood railway station) The fox didn’t quite make it! Stopping along the way in a side street before being found by YQN first, TXO second and then four teams all getting in at the same time,VR, PW,YDF,BLN.

Hunt 3 had the fox in a rubbish bin located at Joan Park football ground. YQN found this one first followed by YDF,VR,TXO BLN and finally PW.

Hunt 4 was the straw breaker or better still the leg burner, the fox was put at the top of a very large hill. It was decided that this hunt would be scored as usual, ie the timed system instead of the position system, which was used for all the other hunts. This was to reward the teams that worked harder to get up the hill faster. VR was first in and reaped the biggest reward, BLN was next then TXO, no other teams got in and therefore scored 10.

Hunt 5 saw the fox located behind Scoresby Primary School in a small park. BLI was back in action with a new car but didn’t manage to locate this fox. YQN came in first, then YDF,BLN,PW,VR and finally TXO.

Hunt 6 was the supper hunt with the fox located behind a kindergarten in Boronia. All seven teams managed to find this fox. First was YQN then VR,PW,YDF,BLI,BLN and finally TXO.

Supper was held at HBD’s house in Bayswater, which included a BBQ, coffee snacks etc. So the places for the evening ended up being

1st VR 16 points

2nd YQN 17 points

3rd YDF 22 points

4th TXO 32 points

5th BLN 33 points

6th PW 36 points

7th BLI 55 points

Well done to the BLI team to get back into the hunts after finding a leaking fuel line.

Kelvin VK3HKC for the HBD team