19th ARDF World Championships – Update 2

On Tuesday the first cassic event took place.
In a nutshell, it was tough. 6 out of 6 Aussies agreed that the course was very difficult. (but perhaps in more colourful language)
The map was large (B4) and was very colourful with lots of dense forest, many uncrossable features and decent contours to contend with. Many competitors were over the 140 min time limit and many competitors did not find the required transmitters.
Kristian and Nelly competed on 80m.
Ewen, Jack, Jenelle and Peter competed on 2m.

  • Kristian completed the course in 124 mins.
  • Ewen found 1 Tx and finished on time.
  • Nelly finished in perfect time (with 44 seconds to spare) but unfortunatley didn’t find any Tx’s.
  • Peter, Jack and Jenelle found 1 Tx each but finished over time.

Results can be viewed here:


Todays sprint event was more enjoyable for all competitors. The open forest in this area allowed for quick running. All of the Aussie competitors found all of their Tx’s except for Peter and Jack.
The uncrossable fence 2/3’s of the way down the map caused some difficulty for many competitors trying to find transmatter 2F (Which also had its antena knocked down on the ground for approximately 20 mins during the event.)

  • Ewen placed 5th.
  • Jenelle placed 7th.
  • Nelly finished 18th.
  • Kristian finished 21st.
  • Jack and Peter both missed one Tx.

Results can be viewed here:



After the sprint Jack, Nelly and Peter went on a tour to the unification observatory and DMZ museum.

Ewen, Jenelle and Kristian explored a local film set that contained many historic replica buildings from different periods and thought that they might find some instruments to assist in the local terrain.
Jenelle found a ladder (intended for storming castles) to assist with the impossible hills, whilst Ewen and Kristian found a battering ram to assit with getting through the inpenetrable forest.


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  1. If someone could do a write-up of these World Championships and obtain some hi-resolution map files (the ones on the web are too lo-res), and some photos to go with them, it could all go in the Dec edition of The Australian Orienteer.

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