December 2010 Foxhunt

thanks for a fun night out. It seemed everything went well and from what I heard it was a record turnout. Well, a record from the current attendance figures. 8 teams plus the Fox.
Over the past few months I have been liaising with Espen Bjerke Larsen who has been the correspondence contact for the Golden Goal Crew. Espen mentioned a few times he would have love to come with the crew but not this time. Also he mentioned that we will get on with the crew very well and they are a great bunch of guys. I am sure you will all agree on that one. You may remember that the show concentrates on the humorous and different side of all sports. You will be pleased to know that I will probably get a special mention for leaving TX 1 at Willsmere and only realising when a got to Doncaster Road on the Eastern Freeway. By the time I returned for it and arrived at the next location we only had minutes to spare. I could blame it on my current situation but  think you all know me too well and will see right through that one.
Johan had a great time giving Henrik heaps and I am sure he will hang it on him for some time yet. I spoke to one of the cameramen about his run up from Yarra Blvd to the fox on hunt 1 and he mentioned that hunt 2 was worse I am sure even with the jet-lag he will sleep well tonight.
I feel sorry for the crew, today they are off to Williamstown Life Saving Club to have a go at Surf Lifesaving. I wish I had have known earlier for as some of you know I was a lifesaver for a long time. Williamstown is not a good example of that sport. I expect they will have a great time there doing an IRB (Rubber Duck) rescue. And, if Henrik can work it Johan will be the patient and let him freeze in Port Phillip Bay for awhile.
Before I get onto the scores I would like to thank the EMDRC for allowing us to use the clubrooms for the BBQ and those members that assisted in getting things ready for you guys. When I arrived at the club there were so many cars there it looked like a regular meeting was on. Thank guys.

Now the scores:

TeamHunt 1Hunt 2Hunt 3Hunt 4Score

Cheers, Jack.