Novemeber 2010 Fox hunt

Here are the results if the November hunt held on Friday 19th November 2010

Seven teams turned out for this event on a beautiful evening for foxhunting the weather was perfect.  Scoring was the usual 10 minute rule.

The first hunt was in Bundoora and most of the hounds found it reasonably quickly with VK3YQN leading the pack. The VK3BLN team did have some problems and did not trouble the scorer.

Second hunt found Ian VK3FFLY riding his bike down the Plenty River bike path and this proved to be a difficult fox to catch Once again VK3YQN was first in followed by VK3FAST, VK3TXO and VK3OW.  VK3BLN, VK3MZ and VK3FVXN did not trouble the scorer on this event.

The third and final hunt of the evening was located in Yandell Reserve, not far from the supper location and very close to the home of Ewen VK3OW, who happened to be first in; all the other hounds found this fox within the 10 minutes. This hunt was conducted on 2M and 70CM.

After the third hunt it was decided to end the evening and the hounds gathered at the home of Greg VK3VT for supper of prawns, sandwiches, sausages rolls, roast chicken wings, cakes,  fruit, tea, coffee and a selection of cordials. The following results were announced and some discussion was held on running 70CM hunts seriously, rather than as dual bands.  No consensus was forthcoming. Most of the teams were on their way home by 11:30 pm and all were gone before the bewitching hour.

Many thanks to Mike VK3KMJ, Ian VK3FFLY and Kristian for assisting with the running of this hunt and to Kate for assisting with supper.

TeamHunt 1Hunt 2Hunt 3Place

This result shows that Bruce’s super powers have not been affected by his trip to Croatia and that he and Subi are a formidable team.

The December hunt will be held on Friday 10th December and the fox will be Jack VK3WWW.  This hunt will have a couple of presenters and a film crew from Norway along for the ride with two teams and looks like it might be a real spectacle. Stay tuned to this list for more exciting details.

Greg VK3VT