Plenty River ARDF

Sun, 30 May, 2010

An ARDF event (2m band) was held in conjunction with the Plenty River Sunday Special event on 30th May 2010.

The course was set by Mark Besley who thought that he was well-organised until it actually came to putting out the transmitters! There was no car access so all transmitters had to be put out on foot. This was taking longer than anticipated, however the real blow came when Mark arrived at the location for TX4 (one of the furthest away of course) and realised that in his haste, he had misread the labels and picked up TXH (the homing beacon) rather than TX4! As this could not be used as one of the five, he had no choice but to run from way down south near the river, up to the car park, swap transmitters and then run back again.

Unfortunately this led to the event starting 30 minutes later than anticipated, however several ARDF members helped to quickly set up the start and most competitors were out on the course soon after 11 am. Despite some gusty winds and threatening cloud cover at times, the weather stayed dry. Eight competitors enjoyed the course and their results are tabulated below.

Thanks to Bruce, Ewen, Marta and David for picking up transmitters. Keith Anker, despite not competing in the event, went out with a sniffer and a hint as to the location and fetched TX5.

NameElapsed TimeNo. TransmittersPlace
Bruce Paterson1:0951
Ewen Templeton1:2852
David Beard1:3653
Geoff Hudson1:5554
Marta Salek1:5145
Suzanne O’Callaghan2:0036
Peter Maloney1:4917
Dianne Shalders1:5918