December 2009 Foxhunt

Results for the December 2009 Fox Hunt

YQN	0	5	1	1	3	10
MZ etc	3	2	3	0	2	10
OW/BLI	2	1	2	3	4	12
FAST	4	4	0	5	0	13
BLN	1	0	10	4	1	16
VT/FOX	10	10	10	2	10	42

Locations were as follows:

Start: Ruffey Lake Park, Victoria St. Doncaster

Hunt  1:
Eltham: Griffith Park, Yarra River bend, South end Griffith Park Road
Melway: 22 K11,145.148975&z=17&t=h

Hunt  2:
Heidelberg: roof-top CP, off Cape St, near cnr Burgundy St
Melway: 32 A4,145.069764&z=17&t=h

Hunt  3:
Templestowe: Kenman Close / Chivers Rd, un-marked park/estate
Melway: 33 J5,145.144431&z=18&t=h

Hunt  4:
Viewbank: Bike Path behind Riding for the Disabled
(entry to bike path at roundabout/intersection Banyule/Hendersons)
Melway: 20 H12,145.096564&z=16&t=h

Hunt  5:
Templestowe: Templestowe Reserve, Porter St/Hawtin St.
Flagpole at Scout Hall
Melway: 33 G4,145.136111&z=19&t=h

Supper:	Ruffey Lake Park, Victoria St. Doncaster

Memorable Moments for the Fox Team included:

Hunt 1:
* All hounds departing from the start - in the wrong direction.
* The on-air speculation about runners being on the wrong side of
  the Yarra (not to mention "crossing over").

Hunt 2:
* roof-top vantage point as teams drove along Burgundy St
* Hound investigating "false" fire hydrant on Burgundy St... a
  spurious diversion which had nothing whatever to do with the fox team!

Hunt 3:
* Finding a reserve/estate NOT in the Melways
* It seems to be in this tree... somewhere.

Hunt 4:
* a hound's attempt to negotiate the electric fence - when there was
  a perfectly good bike path from which to approach the Tx!
  (a later suggestion was that we should have awarded bonus points to
   runners who actually did run/ walk in along the bike path)

Hunt 5:

* The "swarm" of hounds below the flagpole.
  (is it a bird... is it a plane... no it's "Super Tx" flying high!)

A big thanks to all participants - we thoroughly enjoyed bringing
you the night.

Johanna  [VK3 FJMB]
Neale  [VK3 XJH]
Pierre  & 
Dianne [VK3 FVXN]