Report on the May 2004 foxhunt

May 2004

Six teams participated in the May hunt, starting from the car park of the Bob Jane Stadium in Albert Park – VK3s BLN, KIR, MZ, VT, YDF and YQN. VK3BQZ ran the event in fine cool autumn weather. 2m and 6m transmitters were used throughout the night as preparation for Mt Gambier.

Results as follows, report when I get a chance. Note scores were calculated on leg time rather than placement on second to nth legs. See comment at bottom.

TeamHunt 1Hunt 2Hunt 3Hunt 4Score – PointsPlace
VK3BLN30 7=70 10 00 1030First
VK3YDF34 810 0 101 642Second
VK3VT210 02 10 109 245Third
VK3MZ010 68 10 39 046Forth
VK3KIR910 104 10 410 1067Fifth
VK3YQN1010 1010 10 1010 1080Sixth

Comment #1 *VK3YQN withdrew after Hunt 1 to repair equipment, and returned for Hunt 4. Is that a total of 80 or 30? Last or equal first? Does it matter?

Comment #2 Leg time is a leveller but can also be discouraging to some. BLN would also have won if this were based on order or time to get in on the last leg of each hunt.

Comment #3 On Hunt 2, VK3VT took -3 minutes to find the second fox. This was normalised to zero on the basis that the two foxes were driving in identical vehicles with overlapping routes. VT’s -3 was pure luck, but zero was not impossible.


Roger Lewis VK3HRL
Supervisor – Vehicle Package and Ergonomics
Ford Motor Company of Australia