April 2004 foxhunt Report

The April foxhunt was run by the VK3VT team in cool dry conditions. Meeting spot was the car park in Olympic Park in Preston. The first hunt was a 3-legged hunt. The First leg was a woman pushing a trolley around the car park of Northland shopping centre the best way in for the hounds would have been to head off on foot from the start but all chose to drive into Northland. After a few minutes of confusion the hounds worked out that this was not an innocent shopper and started attacking her load of goods to find the transmitter and ticket for the next leg. Organisers were left to hold discussions with the hoard of security personnel that descended on the area. The second leg was located in Bundoora Park with the easiest entry from the north, and the hounds coming from the south! The final leg was to be found on a bicycle being ridden around a horse shoe shaped section of the Merri Creek bike park north of the Coburg Lake. First in on this hunt was VK3BLN who along with some of the fox team were treated to some impromptu entertainment by a carload of young ladies – their bonnet and roof dancing was impressive but the same could not be said for their panel beating skills! Next in was VK3TVB the VK3YDF; VK3BQZ and VK3OW ran out of time on this one.Hunt 2 was a four legged affair. Leg 1 was in the sports grounds near Latrobe University and had a number of people guessing.
The second leg was located in a loop of the Yarra in Banksia Park that was accessed from the northern side of the river, while the third leg was just a short distance away in another loop in the Yarra but accessed from the South. VK3YDF was first in as Adam had managed to find a way to wade across the river – he came close to loosing points for casting doubts on the parentage of one of the fox persons, but was let off with a warning. Other teams took some time to come around and find the third leg.
The fourth leg was located in View bank on the Plenty River bike path. Winner of this hunt was VK3YDF with VK3BQZ Second, many thanks to them for assisting the fox in providing signal; for this selfless act of mercy on other teams they received a bonus point.VK3TVB was third, VK3BLN and VK3OW both ran out of time.Hunt 3 was a single legged hunt to supper in Greensborough, the fox was located in a brand new housing development – use these while you can! YDF, TVB, BQZ, BLN, OW was the order of finishing.Supper was held at the home of Chris VK3CHR and after all had eaten their fill the following placings were announced; note that VK3BLN received a bonus point for bringing the WIA fox all charged up – many thanks to them!

Scores look like this:

Team Hunt 1 Hunt 2 Hunt 3 Score – Points Place
VK3YDF 3 5 5 13 First
VK3TVB 4 3 4 11 Second
VK3BLN 5 1.5 2 9.5* Third
VK3BQZ 1.5 4 3 9.5* Third
VK3OW 1.5 1.5 1 4 Fourth

* Includes bonus points as outlined above

Greg VK3VT