April 2017 Foxhunt

Here’re the results – below. Scoring is order based, with an extra bonus point for not finding the fox. The first two hunts were single legged. As we went along we decided, to keep the night moving, to make the remaining two legged.The scoring for the second legs words exactly as the first; order based using elapsed time from the first leg.
We kept the fox running longer to allow teams to get; up to ~1/2 hour on the second leg.
GWS team, nice work. You didn’t hold us up! From bitter experience, when we started (>30 years ago), there’s nothing worse than not finding the transmitter all night, making it difficult to improve. One thing it took us ages to solve, is we could never get a good DF as drove close (<~100m) to the transmitter; the signal would leak into the receiver with the attenuator maxed out (70-80dB).

Hunt 1Hunt 2Hunt 3AHunt 3BHunt 4AHunt 4BHunt 5AHunt 5BScorePosition