Feb 2016 Foxhunt report

The hounds all gathered down south in Keysborough with ideal conditions for a foxhunt. The foxes for the night were VK3s VR, MD, MZ and HRL. Daylight savings can make hunts easier but not in the case of the first hunt where on 10m where no sniffers were allowed. The fox was less than 800m from the start but the accuracy of the bearings and the navigators skill resulted in the the hounds being spread out over 10 minutes. FAST was first and were surprised to be, followed by OW and CI 5 minutes later and FOX coming in just before time was up.

The second hunt was placed on the easement of the soon to be open Dingley Bypass road. First was FAST followed closely by FOX and then CI 1 minute later. OW brought the hunt to an end another 4 minutes later.
The 3rd hunt was designed to test sniffing capability on 10m. The is hunt took quite a while for a relatively short distance from the previous hunt meeting spot. VR and MD watched the Starlings darting in and out of the Bird Hide while waiting. This was a good test before the Vic Champs in a few months. FOX found out that their equipment was deaf compared to others. FAST had a complete system failure which was suspected to be in the coax. CI had discovered on the previous hunt that they had no working 10m sniffer. OW was first sniffing on 10 closely followed by FOX on 2m and then FOX again on 10m. CI made it before time was up but alas still got a score of 10 and FAST failed to find the transmitter in time but did so on the walk out.
The 4th hunt was on both 2m or 10m. The devious hiding place in Bangholme was changed by a Roger who thinks he knows best 🙂  First was was FOX, closely followed by CI and FAST 3 minutes later. OW, hunting on 10m, scored a 10.
The 5th hunt location was changed to speed up the night due to long 3rd hunt. The 2m fox was placed on the pier in Mordialloc. FAST was first with FOX a few seconds later. OW scored a 4 and CI scored a 10. The fox was being moved after time was up and may explain the varying signal due to a dodgy switch that CI was mentioning. Still to be investigated.
The last hunt location was also changed to be closer to supper. The fox was placed in the car??? but there were many hounds searching the nearby Braeside Park. FOX was first with FAST and OW scoring 1 and CI scoring 2.
The final scores for the night were:
FOX    13
FAST  15
OW     26
CI       30