VK3 2013 February fox hunt

Results of the 2013 February 2M fox hunt

Fox for the evening was the VK3FOX team. The first hunt was Kristian quietly paddling on the Yarra in his kayak, this took teams a little to time to figure out but three teams did find him before time was up.

Second hunt was a two legged affair on 70CM and the lack of signal at the start was enough to spread the teams over a wide area. Eventually the hiding spot at an athletics track in Ringwood was found by all teams and they were off to the second leg. This was not far away on the bike/walking track beside Eastlink (there was some consternation when this was used as a vehicular track but as the fox was not without fault in this area in the past no drastic decisions were made.  I hate to suggest it but perhaps we should draft some rules some time.) This second leg was calculated on leg times and the scores below vary slightly from those announced on the night as the fox was confused!

Hunt three was in Warrendyte park in a old mine, I am told this was up a steep hill.

As time was running a bit short we decided the next hunt would be a simple affair and so a spot in Eltham near the historic trestle rail bridge was chosen.  The plan for a two legged hunt involving water  obstacles was abandoned.

Final hunt was on a walking track in Greensborough overlooking Partington’s flat sports grounds, one team came the easy way down the walkway from a nearby street but others were seen clambering up a rather steep and overgrown cliff to reach the hiding spot.

Teams retired to the home of Greg VK3VT for a supper of sandwiches, sausage rolls, zucchini slice, chicken wings and cake with hot and cold drinks.

Results are as follows


Greg VK3VT for the VK3FOX Team