Westerfolds Park 80m ARDF results. 21 July 2013

Full Course

Brue Paterson                   5/5Tx         57 min

Ian Dodd                             4*/5Tx         112min

Dianne Shalder                 4*/5Tx         118min

(* identified  Tx off map)

Short Course

Peter Maloney                  3/3Tx         61min

Suzanne O’Callaghan      3/3tx          73min

Will Krincevski                  2/3Tx         74min

Jeff Hughes                        0/3Tx         68min

This event was run in conjunction with an Orienteering event set by Ewen Templeton in neighboring Candle Bark Park and sharing the same finish zone in Westerfolds Park.

The day started with a misfire of Tx3. After setting all TX’s in position, I returned to the start tent to find that Tx3 had gone out of sync. A quick bike ride back to reset it and we were ready to start.


Bruce P. was the first to head out and returned in very good time. Quick to inform me that TX4 was off the map. I checked the GPS readings and yes, it was well off the map. I should have twigged when I rode over a foot bridge with lots of water under it. My apologies to the full course hunters.

Ian D. set out much later and also discovered my foe-par. This resulted in an extended search time, because he did not believe TX4 could be off the map.

Dianne S. had a successful day. Returning with 5Tx’s on her score card, after experiencing some technical difficulties at the start with battery issues.

Suzanne O. was keen to get going. Returning with successfully finding all 3tx’s in time.

Peter M. had a false start, returning with equipment failure early. This was quickly rectified with a new battery and Peter set off again. This time he returned triumphant with all 3 TX’s on the card.

Will Krincevski, approached the course with a lot of enthusiasm and after a little coaching from Bruce, set of solo to locate Tx3. “Will” returned with lots of co-ordinates marked on his map, which were all very close to the location TX3. Well done “Will”. Hope to see you out there again.

Jeff H. had some exercise walking around the park. Unfortunately the score card did not reflect the effort spent. Better luck next time Jeff.

Doug C. turned up with Birthday cake in hand as we were dismantling the course. Thanks for retrieving TX1 & Tx3.

Thanks to all who assisted with the day’s event.

Dennis Haustorfer (vk3bqz)