November 2012 Foxhunt

Hunt 1 on 2M was located just south of the Eastern Freeway just East of Doncaster road. Those who were at Geoffs Tuesday night Orienteering event will realise that this spot was inspired by control 17.  The hunt was clearly won by the FAST team with CI and FOX 2nd and 3rd, 5 and 6 minutes later respectively. I had 2 calls from different members of the BLN team asking for directions to the fox as they were having trouble hearing it. This made me wonder if there was any communication between team members……..  Their result on this hunt would suggest not, or were they just missing dog. Or perhaps the turbo on Subaru was playing up  

Hunt 2 on 70cm  was in a narrow unmarked pathway on the Northern side of the Doncaster swimming pool. The hunt was narrowly won by VK3BLN closely followed by the FOX team and then FAST and CI. The TXO team placing’s were starting to fit a pattern at this stage. The lane on the South side has been used before but I didn’t think the Northern one had been. Perhaps someone could correct me on this one.  

Hunt 3 on 70cm started as a mobile hunt with Henk driving around the South side of Ruffey Lake Park and ending up in the Northern car park. The hunt was narrowly won by The FAST team, very closely followed by the FOX and CI teams, then a gap to BLN and TXO.  

Hunt 4 was a modified 2M ARDF event. We thought this was worth a try for something different. To allow team members to swap runners a runner was only allowed to find one TX and then had to come back to the start. Other team membesr were allowed to DF but not leave the start area. The TX’s were within about 300M of the start. Bruce, who ran all legs, was the winner, with FAST second, after a slow start, followed by FOX, BLN and TXO (well done Gary for persevering to the end with this event). Unfortunately I didn’t record the start time for the event, only the finishing times. The scores announced on Friday hadn’t been adjusted for the later start times for some teams. The scores in the attachment allow for this but the overall placings don’t change.   We learnt a few lessons with the event. Firstly normal ARDF TXs on a five minute cycle mean a lot of standing around waiting for the next cycle which is frustrating. Also I didn’t put any reflectors or flags on the TX’s and while I didn’t go to any trouble to hide them I didn’t make them obvious either, which made finding them more difficult than need be. Some reflectors and Serbian style 12sec/one minute cycle TXs would help a lot here.  

Thanks to Di for the salads, cheese cake and helping with the BBQing.  

regards Ewen  

FOX HUNT 16 November 2012
TeamHunt 1Hunt 2Hunt 3Hunt 4TotalPlace
ARDFFinish TimesRaw ScoreRaw Score adjustedScale FactorScaled Score
Hunt 146K22VK3OW
Hunt 233D970VK3BLI
Hunt 333H1070VK3FVXN
Hunt 4Ruffey Lake Park2M ARDF