Sokograd re-conquered, again

Sunday 9th September 2012


Weather Report: Another perfect day in Serbia.

Breakfast (do rucak) at the Serbia Tis Hotel was exceptional and stood us in good stead for the day’s activities. First stop was another Roman walled city Felix Romuliana on the Roman road. It was established by Galerius in conjunction with Alexander the Great. We spent some time here exploring the ruins. There was evidence of Galerius’s Royal quarters (including his bath house and private chapel) and also a larger chapel with steps and the footings of the columns at the front, a larger bath house and barrack block. An outer wall around the original city was built later when Galerius’s mother, Felix Romuliana came to live there.(Nice to know he was looking after his mother.) The mosaic floor was covered with sand to protect it, but the drawings and patterns were on display. Replenished by icecream we drove up to two mounds above the city. It is said this is where Galerius and his mother made their ascension to the after- life. This practice was abandoned after the conversion to Christianity.

We headed south from here to Sokobanja and prepared for our assault on the Sokograd fortress. Following reconnaissance by scouts Ewen and Bruce, the fortress was finally claimed by the Victorian ARDF group and the flag proudly flown. It was at least another hour before we could celebrate our victory at the “Cave Restauant”, a cool and shady retreat on the banks of a creek. Not sure just what path we were on (two creek crossings and only one wet foot), but tough enough to do justice to the good food and drink consumed and excellent preparation for the coming week’s activities.

About 5.30 we left Sokobanja and took some back roads before entering a Toll road and finally arrived at our hotel overlooking the city. In the cool of the evening we walked into the main city area and purchased a light meal, a burek and a drink each, totalling the princely sum of about $3 AUD for the three of us.

Bruce: Cleaned that pesky black dust off the bike and went for a short night ride through Nis just then. Fabulous night. The weather forecast for Kaponik and the RadiO is looking a little less inviting, but we’ll see what happens ! Check out the view from this hotel room below. Dogs are barking like crazy at who knows what.