Eaglemont Flats Radio

ARDF Results – Eaglemont Flats 3 June 2012

Report by Mark Besley

A Fox-Or radio orienteering event was held in conjunction with the Eaglemont Flats MelBushO on Sunday 3rd June. Sixteen people took part and enjoyed hunting for transmitters on both sides of the Yarra.

Some people competed in pairs and you can see this from the times in the results. However I should mention that Ian Dodd and Ewen Templeton did NOT do the course together. They competed independently yet both took exactly the same elapsed time. We may have to move to SportIdent for the next Fox-Or to achieve split-second timing? Chalky and Jacinta were enjoying the 3-transmitter course so much that they decided to get a fourth transmitter which explains the extra time that they took.

Mention should also be made of Bruce Paterson who attempted to walk on water across the Burke Road Billabong, I believe he got rather wet but obviously got a time benefit. Tim Hatley first competed in the long orienteering course, then went out on the six-transmitter course, found after two controls that his sniffer wasn’t working properly, returned to the start, got another sniffer and a new start time, then went out and completed the six-transmitter course in a very respectable time of 36:33. Greg Williams brought his two “sniffer” dogs along to help him find the transmitters. They seemed to be a bit more subdued after 6 km or so.

Thanks to those who helped with control collection, packing up and other assistance during the event such as demonstrating equipment usage to newcomers and making mugs of tea for the course setter. Thanks also to MFR for providing a copy of their new map to me in advance of the event.

NameTime (min:sec)
Six-transmitter Course
Bruce Paterson32:20
Tim Hatley36.33
Ewen Templeton42:20
Ian Dodd42:20
John Catto-Smith71:35
John Erwin71:45
Pam King71:50
Greg Williams82:35
Suzanne O’Callaghan83:30
Three-transmitter Course
Peter Maloney26:15
Jenelle Templeton29:55
Henk DeJong34:30
Dianne Shalders34:30
Mike Hubbert47:50
Chalky Thomas59:45
Jacinta Thomas59:45