Easter 3 Days, Day 3

Last day of Easter 3 Days, the final day of reckoning of the cummulative event.

At least we weren’t to be blessed with Lantana-land today, but instead much more prickly and persistant grass seeds Probably a bit hillier than Day 1, with lots of rocky outcrops. It was located north of Stanthorpe, but not as far as the Warwick event yesterday. Again the weather was hot, high 20’s, as it has been for all of Easter so far.

So what happened of note today ?

W45AS: Phillippa Collins made up her 13s behind, and a bit more, and ended up leading her field by about 30s overall for the 3 days. Anne Robinson also had a good day to end up mid field 9th overall. Suzanne O’Callaghan continued her consistant and reliable navigation, especially today, to end up 5th overall.

M16: Remarkably, after his 30 minute epic control yesterday, Nick Collins had a near perfect run today to regain 2nd place overall. Peter Collins was also happy with his run and ended up mid-field. The Collins will probably be reading this blog as they trek home tomorrow to Parkes then Melbourne, and will no doubt leave a comment.

Sledge: I had a pretty average day. After a good start with safe navigation, I ended up catching a number of other Sledgers. This is generally not a good thing because they aren’t always accurate ! I was sure they were heading the wrong way up a spur to #5, but I also wasn’t sufficiently confident to stay my own coures in the very vague rocks, so half-way in between wasn’t much use 🙂 Another mistaken trak on the way to #9 also lost me a few more minutes. Even didn’t come near on the finish split, despite really trying hard on the downhill chute: 27s > 22s winner. Ended up 8th overall, which was exactly middleof the Sledge field. The Perfect Sledger ?

The Sledge presentations were the most amusing, with much celebratory bubbly drink spurted over the various division winners for today. See map below. Who is going to coordinate Sledge within BG at Easter 2013 ?

M45AS: Mark Besley considered the 1st control so hard that if the rest of the course was liike that he’d be out there for 3 hour. Couple of nav errors but he finished the course in about half  his predicted time. Unfortuanely for Stephen Collins, he did take just under 3 hours on a challenging adventure.

W Open B: Tina Smith took out this division. Now she can have her knee operation (but after the Aust. Rogaine champs !).

Wymer Family: Every member won a place in their division!  See photos.

W70A:  Helen Alexander finally coming good with a much more pleasing 3rd place today, but unfortunately not good enough to help much for her overall result.


A pretty well organised and challenging carnival from the Queensland clubs.

Tim leaves us today, and the Collins head off tomorrow in their brand new Skoda. For the rest, we have some more adventures to come. The mysteriously named “Cascades”….


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  1. Smart phone conversation pics – hardly noticed the phones,there were many more bottles of red on the table. I have to admit some were still capped. Nobody rang me to say what they were drinking.

  2. Queensland wine, not recommended. I don’t think that South Australia have anything to worry about.

  3. Sledge in 2013? That sounds far too frivolous for anyone in BG. Can I recommend that ARDF take over that particular chore?

  4. Thanks Bruce, good reports and pics. I did have a lovely glass of local Symphony Hill 05 Shiraz one night that I could recommend …

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