Region 3 ARDF – Maldon, Arrival Day

Well the big day is finaly here and the last bus load of overseas competitors has just arrived in Maldon at the Blue Light Camp. These competitors have traveled from as far afield places as USA, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, China and Malaysia. The overseas competitors combined with the Aussie team bring the total competitor count to around 100. Those who were lucky to arrive earlier today have enjoyed their first Aussie roast meal. Having oriented themselves with the surounds of Maldon they are now mostly tucked into bed. Although a few JA’s can be heard downstairs working a Morse dogpile on HF.

Tomorrows activities begin with breakfast at 7am, this is followed by an equipment try out soon after which allows them to familiarise themselves with the Aussie bush and mapping style. Later in the day is a combo radio and orienteering around the streets and lanes of Maldon. At 5.30pm all competitors and officials will convene to the town hall for the official opening ceremony. The first competition will be on VHF on Sunday not too far from Maldon. The actual location and map is kept secret until the buses arrive at the quarantine area. Monday is a sightseeing and recovery day which will start with a Steam Train trip to Castlemaine, and conclude with an Aussie BBQ at Bendigo. The final competition on 80M will be on Tuesday, the last official activity will be closing and awards ceremony nearby on Tuesday night.

Stay tuned for more news as it comes to hand..