StreetO + RadiO = CombO @ Yarran Dheran

With good  attendance (66 streetO and 10 RadiO ) and a nice map what else could go wrong?

Well after some late nights trying to battle ocad to get the map fixed and the weather man on the tv telling us it would rain. It looked like a lot could go wrong. After waking up and looking out my window i noticed blue sky and sun, What a perfect day for an event.

The resualts:

Name Total Place
Ian Dodd 115 pts 1st
Bruce Paterson 112 pts 2nd
Ewen Templton 108 pts 3rd
Mark Besley 93 pts 4th
Adam Scammell 79 pts 5th
Pam King 78 pts 6th
Greg Tambyln 65 pts 7th
Ryordan/Pierre 57 pts 8th
Nathan Diggins 36 pts 9th
Dianne Shaldes 36 pts 10th


*Please note R2 was removed from the scores because it stopped working mid event.