Dale Creek ARDF

Sunday 24th May 2009

Henk DeJong       This event was intended to be an easy course, around 6km long, with each control a short stroll from a drivable track, not hidden (orienteering-style) in the deepest, most inaccesible gullies, and all accessible from most directions within a reasonable distance. It proved to be a bit more challenging with some interesting propagation effects (editor’s note: probably due to the multiple mountain ranges separating some of the controls!!!).   Thanks to Tuckonie for their use of the map, and also for the use of their tent as a support for our own shelter, which was in considerable danger of being blown away in the gale-force wind. Thanks also to Ewen for help in checking out control locations and putting out controls. Results are below:  

 CompetitorTime# TXs 
Gary Panter1:35:005
Marta Salek1:55:005
Bruce Paterson2:00:005
Pierre Brokner1:52:004
David Beard1:46:003
Peter Maloney2:00:003
Suzanne O’Callaghan1:59:002
Dianne Shalders2:00:002
Alan Davis1:42:001

Map showing Tx locations