April 2009 Foxhunt

Results of the April foxhunt FYI.  

Scoring was based on your placing in a hunt. ie first got 1 point etc. Therefore the table below shows place and score.  

There were no time limits on the hunts. The hunt ended when either the last team was in or at some arbitrary time after the 4th hound was in. Once or twice the fox went hunting for the last hound to speed things up a little.  

Team        Hunt 1        Hunt 2        Hunt 3        Hunt 4        Hunt 5        Hunt 6        Total

FVXN           1                1                4                 3                  5                4                18

FOX             5                5                5                 1                  2                5                23

YQN            4                2                2                  4                 1                1                14

BLN             3                3                1                 5                  4                2                18

FAST            2                4                3                 2                  3                3                17  

The first hunt was in some bush on the western side of the Plenty River near where the river goes under the Greensborough bypass. The hounds all appeared on the eastern side of the river, decided it was not crossable and found other much more difficult ways in. The river was crossable only a few metres from where most of the hounds decided it wasn’t crossable. Well done to the Vixon team for being first in.  

The second hunt was near a disused aqueduct in Eltham with a second leg an easy runnable couple of hundred meters away. Most teams worked out where the second leg was before driving too far away. Well done to the Vixon team on this one also.  

The third hunt was beside a creek behind some houses a KM or so from the second hunt. Only the vixon team came down the correct side of the creek. All others were faced with a steep bank to climb down with water at the bottom. A few wet feet resulted from this. Most satisfying to the fox.  Well done to the fritzl team for being first in on this one. The swearing must have helped David.

The fourth hunt was south of the Yarra near the Fitzsimons Lane bridge.  The FOX team were first in on this one. Their new handle had apparently taken a while to warm up. I suspected the BLN team weren’t going to go so well on this hunt when I saw them heading down a dirt road to nowhere way too early in the hunt. Dog must have barked at the wrong time??  

Fifth hunt was in some bushes in Alistar Knox park near the railway bridge in Eltham. Bruce was first on the scene and spent some time jumping back and forth over fox while trying to find it. How he didn’t stand on it about a dozen times I don’t know. Fortunately he didn’t and was eventually first in.  Gregs handle was still working well but must have cooled a little since the previous hunt.  

Supper hunt was also beside a creek behind some houses in Eltham.

Well done the YQN team.   Thank you all for comming.   regards Ewen