Janurary 2009 Foxhunt

Here are the scores and brief report for the January Hunt. 

	Warm summer weather greeted six teams for the first hunt of
2009, hosted by the VK3 MZ/VR/TVB/HRL team.  After assembling at the
traditional city start location (north end of Cardigan St Carlton),
hounds headed north-west to find the first 70cm fox near Highpoint
shopping centre, with the second leg about a km further west (new houses
100m south of the Maribyrnong).  The second hunt took teams to a tram
stop off Raleigh Rd then to a reserve in Sunshine not far from railway
tracks.  The third hunt was a single leg 2m hunt to Laverton North
(ground clearance an advantage but apparently not essential).  The
fourth hunt, also single legged, took teams to the parched wetlands in
Point Cook just east of the new shopping centre.  The final hunt was a
three-legged event, re-arranged due to the shortness of time.  The first
leg was the gaffer tape special concealed in the HRL fire hydrant in a
quiet Altona street (punctuated only by distracted police and enamoured
hoons), second leg was somewhere completely different to the plan, third
leg was near the Altona boat ramp.  Supper was in Roger's shed in

	Note: Hunts were scored using leg time.  Hunts 1 and 2 were
two-legged, and 5 was three-legged.  Score for each leg was measured
against the time of the fastest hound on that leg - so don't be confused
if you found the fox but still got a 10 (because you found it 10 minutes
slower than the fastest team on that leg).  If any further explanation
is needed please let me know.


Team		Hunt						Total
		1	2	3	4	5

VK3FAST	17	9	1	2	24		53
VK3OW	10	9	5	1	11		36
VK3YQN	3	3	1	2	22		31
VK3BLN	20	0	3	9	6		38
VK3TXO	20	11	2	0	17		50
VK3FOX	20	13	0	5	25		63

YQN won the night, followed by OW, BLN, TXO, FAST and FOX.


             Roger Lewis