December 2008 Foxhunt

Results for last fridays foxhunt (in order of placings):

1) OW: 0+2+1+1=4
2) MZ: 3+1+0+1=5
3) TXO: 2+0+6+1=9
4) BLN: 1+5+4+0=10
5) FOX: 5+4+2+2=13
6) YQN: 5+3+3+4=15

Hunts were order based with teams who didn't get in awarded only two
points more than the highest order score. On the supper hunt three teams
arrived together for second and were impossible to split.

The YQN team are insisting that the supper hunt should not be counted.
Interestingly the only difference this makes is to put them equal last and
makes no difference to any of the other teams results. Both YQN and BLN
were actually overtime on the third hunt but were awarded a place for
their effort crashing through the bush. This also wouldn't have changed
the placings except to put FOX back ahead of YQN if supper wasn't counted.

There were no scores recorded for the 70cm hunt.