RadiO Hageby Melee

Sun 13 April, 2008

What an interesting event !

There was drama, as Bryan arrived late after getting a bit navigationally embarassed relying on his GPS to negotiate the new freeway, cards lost and found, compasses lost at night and found one the “one last just-in-case check” and even Birthday cake.

There was exhaustion, as David just couldn’t contemplate that final A loop, and the opposite as Bryan flew through the B course, much to his own surprise, and fever as Adam couldn’t get his head together.

The forecast showers stayed away, and despite the few dramas, it went pretty smoothly. Hopefully it was woth having to wake up before 7am (!), to get all the RadiO controls, both FoxOr (it was fun finding places to put them, despite having to push the bike up one of the hills) and 80m ARDF (antennas were slung the night before; a well worthwhile time saving precaution) in place.

Thanks to Suzanne for the cakey bits, Greg for all his help merging the event with the BK Hageby, Bryan for (eventually) bringing the 80m receivers and all the competitors. Thanks also to those who helped pickup controls, including Pru and Peter who hadn’t competed in the RadiO.

Competitors had to start with the VHF 2m FoxOr, doing any 4 or 6 of the 7 large circles, then a bush-O leg, followed by HF 80m ARDF, doing and 3 or 5 of 5, then another bush-O leg to the finish.

Here are the results:

RAMarta Salek2:22:161st

David BeardDNF
RBBryan Ackerly1:11:301st

Ewen Templeton1:34:052nd

Darian Panter1:47:583rd

Mark Besley1:58:064th

Suzanne O’Callaghan2:30:025th