December 2006 Foxhunt

VK3YDF and team ran the final foxhunt for 2006 in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne on a lovely Summer night. Five teams assembled at Blackburn Railway Carpark at 8pm and the first hunt started shortly after.

Adam made good use of a small area between a carpark and office shop front to hide himself and a fox.

The second hunt was a 2 leg affair that saw teams challenged by closed roads due to rail and roadworks at Laburnum train station. Hounds (after 10minutes) found their ways up onto the platform where they found Bryan and Darian and some random drunk guy. (yep, you guessed it, a lot of teams thought it was the bum).. Teams then flew off in search of the second leg that was found by a drain reserve not far from Canterbury Road Blackburn Road Cnr’s.

We thought we’d throw a bit of everything in, so this time we employed the 10minute drive off rule and drove ourselves to a laneway between houses and vacant land in Mont Albert. Teams disappeared as quickly as they arrived owing mostly to the fact that this too was a 2 legged hunt. The teams next found themselves at the big bustop carpark near Doncaster Road.

Next up was another single legger to a large open canal drain near Bulleen road and an impromptu hunt the foxhunting Fox were Adam sneakily followed more than one team around.. (to the confusement of all)..

An adjurnment allowed for cold drinks to be served. Teams were soon off again for the final hunt for the night a 3 TX hidden in reserves that adjoined the Yarra in the Bulleen / Templestowe area. Hounds found Adam and Darrian on an Island, Steve in a carpark that was sort of locked (VT?), and Bryan near the Bike track (yes, with a bike)..

All teams and hounds arrived at the Supper location by 11.30pm where BBQ and Supper was provided (thanks Dianne).


Start		10	3	2	4	0
Hunt 1	0	10	4	1	1
Hunt 2a	1	0	6	2	1
hunt 2b	1	2	5	0	1
Hunt 2 Tot	2	2	11	2	2
Hunt 3a	1	0	2	4	5
Hunt 3b	7	8	0	6	4
Hunt 3 Tot	8	8	2	10	9
Hunt 4	1	0	4	8	2
Hunt 5a	1	1	0	5	5
Hunt 5b	2	2	0	9	6
Hunt 5c	0	6	6	9	8
Hunt 5 Tot	3	9	6	23	19
Total		24	32	29	48	33

To the teams/people that I don’t see tonight, Merry Christmas / Happy New Year from all of us in the VK3YDF Foxhunting Team.

Bryan, Steve, Dianne, Darrian and Adam