September 2003 Foxhunt

Six teams met at the Riversdale Station Carpark for a night of short multi legged hunts. Hunts were scored on order of arrival on the last leg only.  

Hunt 1 was a 2 leg hunt with the first transmitter only 100 or so meters from the start location. First in on this leg was VK3BQZ.. The final leg on this hunt was about 500 meters further down the railway line in Frog Hollow Reserve. First in was VK3YDF followed by VK3BLN and VK3TXO.  

Hunt 2 was a single leg hunt to a park at the rear of Penguin books near Camberwell Junction. First in was VK3YQN, followed by VK3BQZ and VK3YDF.  

Hunt 3 was a 2 legged hunt in two alley ways of Trafalgar road in Camberwell. The two transmitters were no more than about 300 meters apart. First in on leg two was VK3YDF followed by VK3BLN and VK3YQN.  

The first leg of hunt 4 was in a service lane behind the servo on the corner of Warrigal road and Riversdale road Most hounds found this very quickly. The next leg took them to the tram terminus on the corner of Riversdale Road and Elgar Road where VK3YDF found the fox first followed by VK3VT and VK3YQN.  

Hunt 5 was a multi leg hunt at fordham reserve in Blackburn South. Here hounds had to find 3 transmitters. First in on this leg was VK3BLN followed very closely by VK3VT and VK3YDF.   Hunt 6 found the hounds driving less than 5 minutes away to find the fox in the Eley Road park. First in was VK3BLN followed by VK3TXO and VK3YDF. Geoff, VK3VR managed to find this fox after having a night out at his local Greek restaurant.  

Supper was held at Ron’s house after 11 hunts at 11.30pm where the following results were announced.  

1. VK3YDF – 6

2. VK3BLN – 9

3. VK3YQN – 15

4. VK3VT – 18

5. VK3BQZ – 19

6. VK3TXO – 20  

73 Andrew VK3KIR