March 2002 Foxhunt

2M foxhunt report – March 2002

The hunt this month was organised by the VK3VT team of Doug VK3JDO, Chris VK3CHR, Ian, Tom and Greg VK3VT. Five teams rolled up for a start at the Doncaster swimming pool.

The first hunt was a quick run across to Banksia Park in Heidelberg. VK3YDF was first to find the fox with VK3YQN and VK3VR not far behind, then there was a bit of delay until VK3TXO made the run into the park and VK3BLN was just a bit too late. There were some complaints as the transmitter was off for some time at a crucial point in the hunt – my apologies to those who were more affected than others.

Hunt two saw the fox beside the Darebin Creek and hounds had a short run to find this transmitter YQN was first with YDF and VR some way behind TXO was just in time but BLN had still not troubled the scorer.

Latrobe University saw the hounds next with the fox walking around the buildings – some good visual scouting saw Geoff (VK3VR) just pip Bruce (VK3YQN) in announcing callsigns BLN was next on the scene and YDF and TXO dead heated to be last to find the fox.

Tom used some of his local knowledge to lead the hounds into a new estate near Parade College in Bundoora there were numerous piles of dirt around and the fox was on one of these – unfortunately the handheld being used as the fox was left on high power and overheated thus causing protection circuits to come into play in turn it off. This did cause concern for some teams. The person responsible has been flogged and has promised not to do this again! VR was first, YQN, BLN, and TXO all in a rush and then YDF just in time.

Hunt five was the most difficult of the evening with the fox being located in a Yellow Gum park close to (but on the other side of the river to) a spot previously used. There was a fair walk into the park and the transmitter was located near the Blue Lake. Due to the difficulty of this spot time was doubled and the scores halved. First to find us was Adam (VK3YDF) Roger (VK3YQN) was next BLN and VR both arrived via a river crossing and just made the dead line. TXO was unlucky and did not find the fox.

The final hunt was held on a new estate near the end of the Metropolitan Ring Road and YQN and VR had a race to the fox with YQN winning. YDF was next and BLN and TXO were more interested in supper and failed to find the transmitter.



Report from Greg VK3VT