November 2001 Foxhunt

TXO was the fox for november nad it was our first time running a hunt on
own.  The Night started off from knoxfield shopping center on ferntree

The First hunt was a single leg hunt down near the dandenong creek off 
illiwarra avenue.  The fox had been dilebritely placed on a peninsula on
other side of dandenong creek(impassable as a few found out) a crossing to

the other side was approix 100m upstream.  The standard ten minute rule
used.  How hard can it be? well, first on the scene was OW. OW had a major

advantage as they were on the scene at least ten minutes before everyone 
else.  they promptly got out of their car and proceeded directly toward
fox, bugger, dandenong creek was in their way, they went round and round
circles until all the rest of the teams arrived. BLN were the first to get

in 30mins after the first hound arrived on the site.  one other team got
OW.  I was suprised to see that not many people had a look at their
to see where there was a crossing.  all in all this leg ran for approx 1
hours. Note blackberries were not part of our plan, these were not 

The second hunt was a fairly simple one, again single leg.  The fox was 
situated in a park on the south side of the school on whaley drive.  First

in was YQN followed closely by OW, VT, YDF and finally HBD

The third hunt was the two legger.  The first hunt was situated in a park 
off whaley drive, in boronia.  unfortunately for most of the hounds, this 
park was not on most melways, however those who were lucky enough to have 
the 2001 edition, it was marked. To add to the confusion it was switched
intermittent.  First in was YQN followed closely by YDF and HBD.  7
later OW and VT decicded to rock up. The second leg was situated near a 
carpark in the boronia telephone exchange, First in was YDF followed
by YQN, eventually HDB, OW and finally VT got in.

The fourth hunt was located down an alleyway and in a pit behind scoresby 
shopping center.  First in was YQN followed closely by VT and YDF,
seven minutes later by OW and then HBD.

The fifth hunt sent the guys on a hike up to chruchill national park.  the

fox was once again, located on a section of park not marked in all but the

2001 edition of the melways, we decicded to make this an easy leg so i put

it approximately 5m in from the track, unfortunately for quite a few
they couldnt see this track and decicded to bushbash.  First in was YQN 
followed 2 minutes later by OW, then YDF,abd HBD, VT failed to get in

The sixth hunt was situated near a creek behind some houses near the park
Allora Av in ferntree gully.  First in was YDF, followed four minutes
by YQN, and OW. VT and HBD did not get in.

The last hunt (supper) was situated ontop of a shelterin benedikt reserve
scoresby, we located it here due to the massive reflections that caught 
quite a few people out.  First in was YDF followed closely by VT,YQN,HDB
finally OW.

All and all, it was a good nite, which as far as we (TXO) are concerned
extremly well. Could next months fox please contact me on the number belwo

so that we can arrange for the WIA fox to be picked up from garys place.