September 2001 Report

Multi-team fox event

Hunt  Fox   TVB  YQN  YDF   VT  BLN  ZPF   OW
1     YDF    0    7    -    9   10    9    10
2     TVB    -    1    8    2    9    0    2
3     ZPF    4    3    0    4    8    -    3
4     YQN    3    -    0    5   10   10    8
5     VT     0    5    5    -   10   10    8
6     OW     1    0    1    2    1    2    -
7     BLN    0    2    6    1    -    6    3
Totals       8   18   20   23   48   37   34

Place       1st  2nd  3rd  4th  7th  6th  5th

Hunt 1 Report:
The evening started at 8:11pm Train mobile from Glen Waverley Train Station. However we were soon informed that several team’s were still shopping. So we paused temporarily at Mount Waverley then continued again on the next train at 8:32pm. We departed the train at East Malvern at 8:38pm and walked North along the bike track (Where 3JMD found us), through the Golf course then West along side the northern bank of the creek, we went to ground here. Soon to be greeted by 3TJN then VT and ZPF. BLN were very close, however was unprepared to cross
the creek.

Hunt 4 Report:
YQN put this fox suspended in a bare tree next to a bushy tree in a “hidden” reserve between the Sprinvale Rd Freeway exit and new housing developments in the England Rd valley. TJN used to use this as a cycling short cut on the way to work, but didn’t realise the fence around the housing area had become more significant since. Access was easiest off the side of the freeway exit, but most teams were unlikely to be approaching from there anyway. The thin/thick tree ruse worked far better than we could have hoped with all teams spending time in the bushy tree. Some spending much time in even more remote trees (what were you doing, Geoff?). 1st was Adam YDF who was under pressure as other teams closed in. Second was Geoff VR for TVB team (finally), 3rd was a VT who was actually there before Geoff (don’t you hate that!) and 4th OW who fell for the tree thing in the most spectacular way. BLN had some battery issues I think.
Cheers, Bruce

Hunt 5 Report:
The 5th hunt of the evening was run by the VT team. After running in a straight line for a while we decided to pop into the grounds of Monash Uni for a spot of hiding. We found a smallish road leading close to the buildings and hid the fox in a small garden area. TVB was first in a after a bit of cinfuaion found the transmitter, YDF was next to arrive but with a bit of “leading the hounds astray” was seen to looking in the wrong place up close to the building finally they were off in the right direction and found the thing at the same time as YQN. OW poped along a few minutes latter and swooped on the fox – the other teams were close but time beat them. Over to someone else – VR/TVB, ZPF, OW or BLN??
73 Greg VK3VT