May 2000 Foxhunt

The May Melbourne foxhunt was held in cool and clear conditions. Eight teams participated in the hunts which commenced at Daisies Hotel car park in Ringwood East. The fox for the evening was VK3HDF.

The team had carefully selected a variety of locations to make for a challenging and interesting evening. As is usual with VK3HDF hunts, blackberries, thick bush and creeks featured prominently.

The first hunt for the evening started about 8:15PM with the fox hidden next to a creek in Chirnside Park. Most hounds were in the area within 10 minutes driving on new roads which were not even marked on the latest Melways. Team runners quickly descended on tens of metres of thick undergrowth and blackberries from both sides of Brushy creek. After some time, VK3YQN eventually found a way through shortly followed by VK3VT with VK3PW and VK3BLN just making the 10 minute time limit.

At 9:15PM, a two hour multi-transmitter hunt was started. The hunt was inspired by the format used in the NSW Urunga Convention. It consisted of 9 transmitters all operating on the same frequency. Locations spanned 8 Melways map pages around the Lilydale, Montrose and Wandin North areas. Transmitters ranged from continuous through to varying forms of timed and intermittent transmission and ranged in power levels from tens of milliwatts to 45 Watts. Brightly coloured laminated tickets were available at each fox with the point score and placing clearly marked. During this hunt, several of the foxes actually spent some time chasing hounds. The VK3BLN land crab was seen on several occasions living up to its name – apparently creating a rather interesting entry to one of the Wandin Nth foxes. At one point it looked like their beam antenna was actually growing branches!

At 11:45PM the supper hunt commenced. The fox was buried in bush area next to the Warburton trail in Wandin North. VK3BLN managed to find a way through followed closely by VK3VR. Most other teams followed a few minutes later.

Supper was held nearby at the Glenbrae Equestrian Centre where hounds were treated to a hot supper and desserts to replace all the calories lost throughout the evenings hunts. The scores were totalled and VK3VR was pronounced overall winner with VK3VT and VK3BLN taking the minor placings. A special mention must also go to VK3HBD who on more than one occasion managed to outperform some of the more established teams. Keep up the good work guys!

Thanks to Steve VK3TSW, Kevin VK3HKB, Adam VK3HSO, David Balogh and Josh Mezzaline for assisting with deploying and recovering foxes at short notice.

Bryan, VK3YNG.

Scores breakdown for the May 2000 foxhunt:

Team H1 *A *B *C *D *E *F *G *H *K SUP Total Place
VR 8 10 12 12 8 9 59 1
VT 9 8 8 10 14 6 55 2
BLN 1 6 7 8 12 10 44 3
YQN 10 12 10 2 7 2 43 4
PW 1 12 8 6 7 5 39 5
TKQ 10 3 10 6 29 6
HBD 4 10 5 19 7
ZPF 7 5 12 8

Scoring: H1 and supper scored as normal 10 minute rule hunt with results “inverted”.

Multileg: 1st place ranged from 8 to 14 points. Higher points generally awarded to more “intermittent” foxes. Points decremented by 2 points per place, then 8 points and under decremented by 1 point per place.

H1 - blackberries-R-us 10 minute rule hunt, Brushy creek, Chirnside
park, 37B6
*A to *K, 2 hour multileg "car-o-gaine"
*A - Next to Warburton trail, Mt Evelyn, 119A9
*B - Olinda Wetlands, edge of accessable island, 38G8
*C - Across creek from Bus Terminal, Lilydale, 38E2
*D - Top of hill, Montrose Reserve, 52A6
*E - Near disused aqueduct, Mt Evelyn, 120B1
*F - Stringy Bark creek, Wandin Nth, 118J11
*G - Next to Quarry and train line, Lilydale, 38B7
*H - Disused paddock, Kilsyth, 51C9
*K - Edward Rd Hill, Wandin Nth, 121C4
SUP - 10 minute rule Supper hunt, scrub next to Warburton Trail, Wandin
Nth, 119 D10