April 1998 Foxhunt

Seven teams braved the chilly weather on Friday 17th April, to partake in a fast and furious night of multi-legged madness, hosted by the infamous PW-team. Three hunts were conducted, each consisting of four legs. A slip of paper was handed to each team on finding a transmitter, which provided the frequency for the next leg.

As an aside, Chris Edmonson VK3CE also made a surprise and unexpected appearance, snapping though rolls of film with gleeful abandon.

Starting in the carpark of the Syndal Railway Station, the first fox was hidden just north of the railway line, at end of Hunter Street, Melways 70 K1. This was, in fact, best accessed on foot by leaving the vehicles where they were to begin with!

Second leg of the first hunt was hidden in Melville Court, Melways 70 G3. Some teams expressed frustration when they thought the signal was emanating from somewhere inside Valley Reserve.

The third leg was hidden in a drain beside Regent Street, under Waverley Road, Melways 70 G4.

The transmitter on the fourth leg was behind Holmesglen TAFE, Melways 70 K3, best accessed from the reserve or bike track off Bunker Crescent. Overall for this first hunt was: VR with 0 points, WWW with 7 points, followed by YQN with 24 points. Teams returned to the Syndal Railway Station for a quick breather before the second hunt of the evening.

When was the last time anyone had a “10 minute drive-away” hunt? The Pw-team did not disappoint, as hounds raced after the fox vehicle, precisely ten minutes after its departure. This transmitter was hidden in a vacant lot in a new housing estate off Eley Road in East Burwood, Melways 61 G5.

A short drive down Middleborough Road led hounds to the next transmitter, hidden amongst factories in Ailsa Street, Box Hill South, Melways 61 F3.

Leg 3 pointed hounds towards Balwyn, where Beckett Park (Melways 46 G7) hosted the next transmitter on the Yarrbat Avenue Ridge.

A maze of overgrown, disused right-of-ways had hounds scattered in every direction when the next transmitter was hidden in a narrow alley behind houses in Canterbury, Melways 46 C12. Actual location of the transmitter was in the laneway between Milton and Dryden Streets, best entered off Matlock Street.

The meeting spot was announced and hounds congregated unceremoniously in a nearby carpark. First on Hunt 2 was OW with 1 point, followed closely by VR on 6 points and YQN on 22.

Another laneway between Russell and Loch Streets (Melways 45 K10) kicked off the third and final hunt for the evening. Teams were handed the next frequency and promptly located the next transmitter.

Leg 2 of hunt 3 was only a short drive away, secreted in Frog Hollow Reserve, Melways 60 B3. While teams enjoyed a brief sojourn here, the third transmitter was activated and two legs still remained!

Wattle Park hosted leg 3, where the transmitter was hidden in scrub behind the tennis courts. Well done to the teams who accessed this from the south side of Wattle Park, sprinting across the dewy undergrowth. Several teams did drive-up as intended.

The final transmitter for the evening could be found on the foot bridge over Canterbury Road, Melways 47 F12. While the author did not bear witness to the frenetic enthusiasm of some teams, apparently the bridge is only designed for pedestrians and could not hold multiple four-wheel drive vehicles at any given moment. (Well done for trying though guys.)

Overall for this hunt was VR with a healthy 1, WWW with a 6 and YQN on 18. Heading back for supper at the QTHR of Andrew VK3KIR, the scores were tallied and announced:

First for the evening was VR on 7 points, second was WWW on 38 points, third was OW on 52, fourth was YQN on 64, fifth was TKQ with 91, and a good effort by HKC on 104. Although the numbers appear high, they simply reflect the number of hunts.

Cheers & 73’s