September 1997 Foxhunt

The fox for the evening was Chris VK3CHR, Tom, Doug VK3JDO, Dave Vk3JMB and Greg VK3VT. Seven teams of hounds braved the weather and were rewarded with little rain and some fun hunting.

The first spot was found by the VT team on last months hunt and was beside the Calder freeway. The fox from last month was suitably amused as they were nowhere near this location when hiding their transmitter! A number of hounds on this event were nowhere near this area either, as there was little indication of the correct direction to head from the start. Still after a couple of mobile phone calls (the two metre liaison frequency was tried) suitable hints were given and the hounds were on the way. One team ignored the explicit directions given over the phone (due to lack of trust in the fox) and missed getting a good score. Would you trust the fox that much? Due to the time taken in locating this fox it was decided to run the clock for 15 minutes and this proved decisive in the final results.
(Sorry Ian, Geoff, Mark and John)

Second spot was near the Tullamarine freeway and the hounds should have been closely spaced but this was not quite the case, the winners turned up the right street while others had a run across the park.

Third spot was found by Doug 3JDO and was a lane at the rear of some factories in Hawthorn, only three teams found this spot and two only just, you can never tell how good a spot will be until the hounds try to find it.

For the fourth spot Chris found a dead end street near the Ivanhoe Grammar school which was an easy run from Hawthorn.

The final spot of the evening was found by Doug 3JDO on a mountain bike ride an was in a fauna park along the bank of the Plenty river. Several hound came across the river and were very chilly at the end of the evening

Supper was held at the home of Chris 3CHR and after the scores were read and the stories swapped the hounds headed for home and sleep.

TEAM	Hunt1	Hunt 2	Hunt 3	Hunt 4	Hunt 5	Total	Place
YQN	0	10	9	5	0	24	Equal 1st
WWW	5	2	10	2	5	24	Equal 1st
TVB	15	0	0	0	10	25	2nd
TKQ	10	9	10	3	8	40	3rd
YXO	12	3	9	8	9	41	4th
PW	12	3	10	10	10	45	5th
BLN	15	9	10	3	10	47	6th
TUG	15	10	10	10	9	54	7th

73 Greg VK3VT